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Transfer Tips

  • Choose a major and a transfer institution early
  • Develop an educational plan to get you there
  • Have regular meetings with your academic advisor
  • Apply as soon as possible

Choose Early

You can increase your chances of graduating on time and transferring successfully by making early decisions about your major and the institution you want to attend. The sooner you know where you’re headed, the more likely it is that you will get there.

Make a Plan

Your academic life will be easier if you have a plan. Once you decide on a major, you can develop a term-by-term plan for your entire program. Your plan should combine general education requirements with major course requirements. An advisor can help you put together an Electronic Individualized Education Plan (eIEP).

Meet with Your Advisor & Check your Progress

Keep your plan on track by having regular meetings with your academic advisor. Your advisor will make sure you’re coursework is progressing as it should, keep you updated on any policy changes or new opportunities, and advise on a number of other relevant issues. You should also check your degree audit regularly.

MDC Advisement and Career Services
College Transfer Coordinator:
Veronica Nicoleiu

Apply for Admission

Do the research. Know your deadlines. Whether you’re transferring out or staying with us to complete your bachelor’s, institutions and selective admission programs have very specific deadlines for receiving completed applications, fees and transcripts. Make it easy on yourself by allowing plenty of time to request information, do the necessary paperwork, and prepare any materials that may be needed. If you’re going to an institution that is part of the Florida State University System, you can get much of the application information online through the Florida Virtual Campus.

If you’ve done your transfer homework, there should no surprises or last minute requirements coming your way.