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Overview of Camps by Location

LEGO EV3 Robotics: Engineering and Design Level 1 (Ages 13-17) - $110

Design, build, program and control your robot! Working in small teams, kids will construct robots using LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics kit. Kids will create an explorer robot to maneuver around obstacles, a robot arm which picks up objects, a snake robot which rattles and strikes and a robot batter that hits pitches.

Latin Jazz Experiences (Ages 11-17) - $185

Develop jazz improvisation skills, music theory skills and an understanding of jazz and Latin jazz styles. Students will have the opportunity perform in small groups and jam with some of Miami's top jazz instructors. All instruments are welcome: piano, bass, guitar, drums, woodwind, brass and strings. Camp held at Hammocks Middle School.

Kids/Teen College Summer Program (Ages 7-17) - $110 / $210

An educational yet fun environment where kids, teens and parents can customize their schedule and choose classes they like the most. Kids and teens can choose from a wide variety of weekly programs and activities such as Lego® Robotics, Computers and Technology, Science and Nature, Modeling, Reading, Photography and so much more!

Wild Things Happen Summer Camp (Ages 5-11) – $155

A traditional all-day camp where children will enjoy daily and weekly activities such as computers, field trips, swimming, indoor and outdoor games, arts & crafts and much more. Field trips included. Lunch and snacks included.

Basketball Summer Camp (Ages 7 to 17) - $100

Develop the skills and techniques needed to gain an edge on the basketball court. This coed camp trains on all game aspects such as dribbling, guarding, shooting and boxing-out to name a few.

Tennis Camp Half Day (Ages 6 to 17) - $135

In this fun-filled week students will be exposed to the latest cutting-edge tennis training methods. Campers will remember a special mix of instruction, team competition and off court activities for the rest of their lives. Sessions will include stroke development, game strategies, match plays and much more.

Volleyball Summer Camp - $220

Camp Discovery (Ages 5 to 11) - $157

An all-day camp that engages children with hands-on learning and physical activities, including swimming, art, technology, science experiments, team sports, and music and performing arts. Fun opportunities will be provided for early career exploration. By working in groups, children may also improve their teamwork and social skills. Breakfast, lunch and snacks included. For more information, please call 305- 237-1019.

Summer Camp Discount (Ages 5 to 11)

Enroll in three weeks of Camp Discovery and get a discount!

STEM Camp - Robotics, Coding, & Drones (Ages 14 to 18)

Campers will learn the principles of coding, Vex Robotics, basic physics, drone programming and flying. Funded by the US Department of Education, STEM EngInE Grant (Educate, Intern and Employ), P031C160143. For more information, please call 305-237-1303. For application, please contact

CSI and Procedural Justice Camp (Ages 14-18)

Sponsored by the Children's Trust. "CSI and Procedural Justice Camp" will offer youth grades 9th through 12th, including youth with disabilities, the opportunity to participate in six weeks of structured activities at the Miami Dade College North Campus. The camp supports academic success, social-emotional learning, skill-building, and family engagement. Successful completion of the 180 contact hours leads to earning three college credits which can be applicable to degrees from Miami Dade College School of Justice. Skill building will focus on specialized areas including College Readiness through the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) course and the College Ready! Program, Civic Engagement activities, Family Engagement, and Social Emotional Learning. Breakfast, lunch and snacks included. Limited to 30 students.

Cultivating Foodie Kids (8-17 yrs) - $299

If your child loves or is interested in cooking, this is the camp for them. This camp teaches students the basics of cooking, avoiding cross contamination, kitchen safety and much more. In conjunction with the MDC's Culinary Institute, the program will focus on healthy recipes as well as promote healthy eating habits.

Mandarin Culture Camp (Ages 8-12) - $299

Develop cultural awareness and heighten your knowledge of global communities through interactive lessons and activities. Learn language basics to communicate in Mandarin Chinese, learn about the art of Chinese calligraphy, participate and host tea ceremonies, and learn martial art skills.

*Lunch and before & after care is not included, but it is available for additional fee.

Mystery Camp - Kids (Ages 8-17) - $299

Ages 8-12 | Ages 13-17

In this suspenseful Mystery Camp, campers will utilize deductive skills in a race to discover who done it. Players will work in teams to decipher STEAM riddles, collect forensic evidence, and interrogate suspects to solve the mystery!

*Lunch and before & after care is not included, but it is available for additional fee.

Arts/Improv Summer Camp (Ages 8-17) - $299

Ages 8-12 | Ages 13-17

Have fun learning sculpture, painting, and drawing techniques to spark your imagination and creativity. Use various media such as acrylic paint, watercolor, charcoal, air dry clay, pencils and more. Develop your public speaking, teamwork, and leadership skills as you learn how to think on your feet with our improvisation classes. Show off your talent at our final exhibit/show.

*Lunch and before & after care is not included, but it is available for additional fee.

Pre/Post Care - (Ages 8-15) - $35

Children may be dropped off as early as 7:45 a.m. and must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. With the exception of Friday were campus closes at 4:30 pm. Children will engage in activities such as sports and movies. Snack provided.

English Boot Camp for Kids (Ages 8 to 15) - $399

This course is designed for students who have had little or no exposure to the English language. Learn Basic English grammar, develop basic speaking and listening skills.

*Lunch and before & after care is not included, but it is available for additional fee.

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