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Kids and Teens College Kendall Campus

Kids/Teen College is offering many exciting learning opportunities for children ages 7-12 and for teens 13-17 years old. Get ready for a great summer experience! Participants can register for classes in the morning, afternoon, or full day.

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Kid Classes (Ages 7-9)

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  2. Register for: Full Day Camp | Half-Day AM Camp | Half-Day PM Camp.
  3. Call 305-237-2161 to reserve your weekly activities!

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Kid Classes (Ages 10-12)

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  2. Register for: Full Day Camp | Half-Day AM Camp | Half-Day PM Camp.
  3. Call 305-237-2161 to reserve your weekly activities!

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Teen Classes (Ages 13-17)

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  2. Register and pay for your AM and or PM sessions by week.



Half-Date AM and Half-Day PM are $110 per week. Full-Day Camp is $210 per week and including lunch.


The best place to park is the parking garage located off Bamboo Drive, across from the drop off location shown on the map. From there you can walk the students to Building 8, room 8122. No parking is allowed on the yellow curb; please obey all No Parking signs. If you park illegally, your vehicle may be towed.

Download Parent Parking Pass

Pick Up / Drop Off

The child/teen must be dropped off in Building 8, room 8122. Students must be picked up at the time the class ends in Building 8, room 8122. If you need to pick up your child early, please go directly to the office located in Building 5, room 5112.

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Sign In / Sign Out

The parent or designated person must show a photo identification to sign out his/her child/teen at the end of the day. Please abide by this rule which is for the safety of your child/teen. If you want your teenager to sign in and out by himself/herself, you will need to authorize it by filling out a form the first day of class.

Before and After Care

Student registered for a Full-Day Camp can be dropped as early as 7:30 a.m. and picked up as late as 6:00 p.m. Students registered for a Half-Day AM can dropped as early as 7:30 a.m. and be picked up as late as 12:30 p.m. Students registered for a Half-Day PM can dropped as early as 1:00 p.m. and be picked up as late as 6:00 p.m.

Dress Code

A t-shirt will be distributed the first day of class every week and kids/teens need to wear it every day without being altered. A maximum of three (3) t-shirts will be given per student for the length of the summer program. Additional t-shirts can be purchased for $9.00 each. If the child does not wear his/her t-shirt, parents will be asked to purchase one that same day. Parents who bring a paid schedule for three weeks or more will be given three (3) t-shirts at that time.

Emergency Contact Form

An Emergency Contact Form must be filled out for every child.


Parents/guardians will be called if the student becomes ill or any other event occurs.


Lunch will only be available to those students 7-12 years old that are registered for a full day of activities. Teens that stay during lunch to attend an afternoon class need to bring their bagged lunch unless they are registered for lunch. After eating their lunch indoors, the children will be taken to a classroom to relax, watch a movie or play a game until their afternoon class begins. They will be supervised at all times.


All kids and teens will be taken to the restroom by a counselor at all times.


Health Care Explorer (Ages 12-17) - $159

Students will learn patient care skills, body mechanics and medical terminology. They will learn how to take vital signs and also achieve a CPR BLS Certification.

LEGO® EV3 Robotics: Engineering and Design Level 1 (Ages 7-12) - $110

This hands-on, collaborative course will immerse students in the exciting and popular world of robotics. Working in small teams, students will explore topics like gear ratios, locomotion and energy as you construct robots with the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics kit. They will learn how to design, build, program and control your robots while putting them through a series of real-world design challenges. Build robots with motors and sensors to explore the environment and perform tasks. Teams will create an explorer robot to maneuver around obstacles, a robot arm which picks up objects, a snake robot which rattles and strikes, and a robot batter that hits pitches.

Aviation (Ages 12-17) - $159

Middle and high school students will explore the aviation industry and career options in this four-week camp. Career areas include Drones, Air Craft Dispatch and Private Pilot. Students will learn about the FAA requirements regarding drones and Private Pilot certification, as well as the various duties of Aircraft Dispatchers.

It’s Fun to be Healthy (Ages 7-12) - $498

This two-week long summer program introduces kids to the world of healthy lifestyle choices through a variety of fun activities culinary lessons. Healthy Kids Camp is designed especially for youths ages 7-12. Children will explore different areas of health education using music and movement, yoga, relaxation exercises, and creative culinary experiences. Join us on a journey to healthy living! Kids will learn it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey to wellness!

A-TEAM: Academy of Teen Entrepreneurship and Management (Ages 12-17) - $249

This week long summer program introduces teens to the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you want to launch a company, start a non-profit or just be prepared for life after high school, this is the program for you. This is more than just a fun summer program. It is a unique addition to your resume, whether you are applying to college, an internship or a job. You will learn an array of skills including business planning, presenting, team work, project management and professional networking. Our program presents business concepts in a fun and accessible way.

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Kids & Teen College Summer Program - $110 – $210

Ages 7-12 | Ages 13-17

Kids and Teen College provides an educational yet fun environment where kids, teens, and parents can customize their schedule and choose classes they like the most. Kids can choose from a wide variety of weekly programs and activities such as Lego Robotics, Computers and Technology, Science and Nature, Modeling, Public Speaking, Art, Reading, Photography and so much more!

Wild Things Happen Summer Camp (Ages 5-11) – $157

Children will enjoy activities such as computers, field trips, indoor and outdoor games, swimming and arts & crafts. Lunch and snack included.

Tennis Camp Half Day (Ages 6-17) – $135

In this fun-filled week kids will be exposed to the latest cutting edge tennis training methods. Campers will remember our special mix of instruction, team competition and off court activities for the rest of their lives. Sessions will include stroke development, game strategies, match plays and much more.

Latin Jazz Experience (Ages 11-17) – $185

Have fun developing your skills in Jazz improvisation. Improve your music theory skills and understanding of Jazz styles. Make friends, perform in small groups and jam with some of Miami top’s Jazz instructors. All instruments are welcome: piano, bass, guitar, drums, woodwind, brass and strings.

Volleyball for Girls (Ages 7-17) – $220

The camp will focus on fundamentals of setting, passing, hitting, blocking and floor defense. Miami Dade College women’s Volleyball Team is one of the nation’s best!

Arts (Ages 6-14) - $250

Campers participate in reading, swimming, social skills, sports, music and environmental activities. Field trips included. Lunch and snacks included. Register students for one week, or select one of the three or nine week clusters and save. No activities July 4.

Digital Music Production (Ages 13-17) - $250

Campers will compose, record, edit, and mix music using ProTools, the most popular software system in use today. ProTools is the standard for both the recording industry and home use. The aim of this course will be to help students start working on their own projects in Pro Tools. At the end of the camp, they will showcase their productions. Topics include: System capabilities (Record, Edit, Mix, Process, and Deliver Audio), Hard disk basics, Understanding the Pro Tools file system (Session documents, Audio Files, Audio Regions), Navigation and Display basics, Recording modes and techniques, including setting levels, Selection techniques for audio regions (precursor to basic editing), Basic editing skills, Importing audio files, Using fades, Basic mixing examples using Audio-Suite (file-based) plug-ins, Introduction to MIDI within the Pro Tools application. Prerequisites: Familiarity with concepts that include basic computer skills, some audio recording knowledge, and some Pro Tools familiarity (via Pro Tools FREE software or similar).

EV3 Robots Camp (Ages 8-15) - $240

EV3 Robots have changed the way we think about robotics by making it possible for anyone to build real, working robots. This EV3 program is great for young and enthusiastic kids and teens who like building and designing new things. It begins with the basics as campers build and program a simple robot to experiment with motors, sensors, and EV3 programming. Then, they advance to a series of increasingly sophisticated robots that will show them how to work with advanced programming techniques like data wires, variables, and custom-made programming blocks. They will also learn essential building techniques like how to use beams, gears, and connector blocks effectively in their own designs. Snacks included.

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Arts and Improv (Ages 6-12 and 13-17) - $220

Have fun learning sculpture, painting, and drawing techniques to spark your imagination and creativity. Use various media such as acrylic paint, watercolor, charcoal, air dry clay, pencils and more. Develop your public speaking, teamwork, and leadership skills as you learn how to think on your feet with our improvisation classes. Show off your talent at our final exhibit/show.

Mystery and Art Camp (Ages 6-11 and 12-17) - $170

"One missing Shark…multiple suspects". In this suspenseful Mystery Camp, campers will challenge their deductive skills in a race to discover who kidnapped our beloved mascot, FINN. Players will have to work in teams to decipher riddles, clues, and interrogate suspects to solve the case! Summer Camp’s riddles and clues will focus on STEM subjects.

Cultivating Foodie (Ages 6-12 and 13-17) - $200

If your child loves or is interested in cooking, this is the camp for them. This camp teaches the basics of cooking, avoiding cross contamination, kitchen safety and much more. In conjunction with the MDC’s Culinary Institute, the program will focus on healthy recipes as well as promote healthy eating habits.

Mandarin Chinese Culture (Ages 8-12) - $220

Develop cultural awareness and heighten your knowledge of global communities through interactive lessons and activities. Learn language basics to communicate in Mandarin Chinese, learn about the art of Chinese calligraphy, participate and host tea ceremonies, and learn martial art skills.

MAGIC 3D Gaming Design Camp: 3D Modeling with Maya (ages 14-19) - $395

You will learn valuable workflows that pros use and create and sculpt 3D models. We’ll teach you the fundamentals of character design and rigging before you create your own original 3D props, set pieces and characters.

MAGIC 3D Gaming Design Camp: Game Design with Unity (ages 14-19) - $395

Create your own video games that can be explored on a PC. You’ll learn the proper workflow to create custom environments, objects and player challenges using Unity. Learn the basics of coding in Unity using the C# programming language.

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