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Interested in becoming a teacher? Want to learn more about the teaching profession? Come to the Career Center for the Teaching Profession located at the InterAmerican Campus.

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All students who plan to complete a baccalaureate degree in Education in the State of Florida are required to complete the following three Common Prerequisite Courses:

  • EDF1005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession (counts as General Education elective)
  • EDF2085 Introduction to Diversity
  • EME2040 Introduction to Educational Technology

Students who choose to pursue a baccalaureate degree in one of the six Teacher Education Programs at MDC in teaching K-12 must also take EEX2000 Introduction to Special Education, except the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

Most courses in the School of Education require clinical experience hours. In order to complete these hours, you must be fingerprinted and pass a Level II clearance. Once fingerprinted and cleared, you will get a clearance card which is the only evidence of your clearance status.

  • To get fingerprinted, visit the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Fingerprinting Office at 1450 N.E. Second Ave., Miami, FL 33132. This is the only Fingerprinting site available for SOE students.
  • If you have a criminal background you may not be able to obtain a Level II clearance. You should not enroll in courses with clinical hours until you resolve your legal case.
  • Once cleared, you will be notified to pick up the Clearance Card at the InterAmerican Campus.

Through clinical experiences, pre-service teachers are able to convert theory into practice, allowing them to become highly competent future educators. This is one of the strongest components of our Teacher Education Programs.

  • Students will spend from 100 to over 700 hours in accredited Early Childhood centers or at Miami-Dade County Public School classrooms.
  • You will obtain real-world experiences while observing, assisting, and teaching,
  • While working in a variety of settings and locations you will acquire a wide breadth of experience.

LiveText is the online learning management system required in the School of Education, which helps enhance our students’ technological skills throughout the programs.

  • Used to submit all assigned work to professors and to create the E-Portfolio, a graduation requirement as well as an invaluable marketing tool after graduation. Access is obtained by purchasing the software from the bookstore or online.
  • Training is provided through workshops by the E-Portfolio Coordinator at the School of Education.
100% of graduates find that internship has prepared them well for the teaching profession