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Welcome to the Kendall Campus Mail Center web page. As part of Campus Support Services, the Mail Center is here to help you with all your postal needs. Please take a moment to learn about our services.


Mission Statement

The mission of Mail Center for Kendall is to provide the College with the most efficient and cost effective hard copy communications system for the College while maintaining security for personnel and property.


Intercampus Mail

Mail for other campuses leaves the Kendall Mail Center at 8:25 am and mail from the other campuses arrives at 2:30 pm. There is a limit of four parcels to one destination if you have a larger shipment, please make arrangements by calling 7-1498.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail is picked up at 2:45 pm. Please allow enough time for your mail to be processed by the Mail Center. The Postal Service picks up the mail at 4:15 pm.

Public Schools Mail

Mail for the Public Schools System is sent to Wolfson Campus where M-DCPS picks it up twice a week.

Campus Mail

Interoffice envelopes should be used for all campus communications. It is imperative that the department designation and not room numbers be used. The name of the Campus should be used, not Campus number. Misdelivered mail must be returned to the Mail Center immediately. Please correct the address if you have the information. It is the employee’s responsibility to inform the Mail Center of any changes in location.


Unaddressed memos can be distributed by the Mail center for you, but an Internal Mail Distribution Instructions Form must be completed. Distributions are available for faculty, faculty and administrators, staff or all. We only keep records of fulltime employees, so if you wish to reach part-time employees the necessary memos must be sent to the departments for internal distribution.


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General Information

Location: Rooms 5117 Department Phone: 305-237-2280
E-mail: Fax: 305-237-0844
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

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