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Any student registered in a College Prep class may use any of the labs.  Instruction and assignments are tailored to address each student's particular course.  Students may attend any time the lab is open; however, students may not use the lab during their class hours.  All ENC0015, ENC0025, REA0007, and REA0017 students must attend the College Prep Lab as part of the class requirements.  Students must present a valid MDC ID card to sign into the lab.  Labs are 25% of a student’s total grade for the course.  Hours vary - check the department for times.

Writing Lab

The College Prep Writing Lab is designed to assist students enrolled in College Prep writing classes to improve their grammar and writing skills.  Students follow a prescribed lesson plan and take computer tests each week as part of the course.  At this lab, students have access to computers, reference books, instructional books, handouts, and professional tutoring.  The College Prep Writing Lab offers College Prep writing students the opportunity to work with a lab instructor.  Services provided include weekly supplemental lab material, computer tutorials, and one-on-one tutoring by professional tutors.  This lab is located in room 6337

Reading Lab

The College Prep Reading Lab is designed to assist students enrolled in College Prep reading courses. College Prep reading instructors use the lab to support classroom instruction.  The Reading Lab allows students to complete their lab assignments using a variety of educational materials available exclusively for use in the lab.  The Reading Lab provides students with the opportunity to improve their reading skills.  Instruction and assignments are tailored to address each student's particular course and needs.  The Reading Lab instructors, initial and stamp the lab syllabus and lab work once completed.  Instructors are also available to assist students who have questions about their lab assignments.  Remediation is provided when necessary.  This lab is located in room 6334.

Reading Technology Lab

The Reading Technology Lab serves as an electronic classroom and an open lab for students enrolled in College Prep classes.  Open lab hours are posted weekly.  This networked computer lab offers a variety of software programs that enable reading students to complete required lab and class assignments. Aside from being used to support classroom instruction, the lab allows students to type reading or writing assignments and search the Internet ONLY for information needed to complete class assignments during open lab hours.  Various software programs offer practice and instruction in specific reading skills and supplement some of the required texts.  Microsoft Office programs and the Internet are also available to students. The lab instructors provide technical support, maintain equipment, and assist students and faculty in using the computers and software. This lab is located in room 6332.

Testing Lab

The Testing Lab is the testing room for the College Prep Writing Lab. Students registered in College Prep writing classes must take weekly tests as part of their class requirement. The lab is furnished with 28 computers that students use to take their weekly lab tests.  The lab instructors monitor students as they take their weekly lab tests and record their scores on their lab syllabi.  NOTE: Students must have started their test 30 minutes prior to the closing of the lab each day.  This lab is located in room 6331 (accessible through the College Prep Writing Lab).

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