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College Preparatory Reading - REA 0017

REA 0017
College Preparatory Reading

Course Description:
REA 0017 is a college preparatory course that builds vocabulary skills, literal and critical comprehension skills, and successful reading strategies. Lab assignments required. Special fee. 4 credits.

Placement by last course taken in high school or successful completion of REA0007 with an “S” grade.

Departmental Mission Statement:

The mission of the Kendall Campus College Prep Department is to provide accessible, high-quality instruction that develops the skills, competencies, and attitudes necessary to meet the needs of a diverse population of developmental learners as they pursue their academic goals. Our program is designed to bring students to the appropriate reading level of academic competency needed for college success.

Learning Outcomes Addressed Through the Course:
Additional Course Information and Policies

This information will be provided by the instructor/professor via first-day handout(s).

Course Competencies:


Identify topic and stated/implied main ideas in a multi-paragraph passage.


Identify specific information in a multi-paragraph passage.


Distinguish between major and minor details in a multi-paragraph passage.


Identify the purpose in a multi-paragraph passage.


Analyze the tone and support with examples, including denotative, connotative, and figurative language in a multi-paragraph passage.


Distinguish between fact and opinion in a multi-paragraph passage.


Determine primary and secondary patterns in a paragraph and multi paragraph passage.


Identify transition words associated with the patterns of organization.


Recognize relationships between and within sentences.


Detect bias in a paragraph and multi paragraph passage.


Use context clues and structural analysis to clarify meaning and broaden vocabulary.


Identify and use contextual clues to determine the meaning of words in multiple sentences.


Analyze the details to infer what the author is implying and draw logical conclusions in paragraphs and multi-paragraph passages.


Synthesize the information in a text in order to make logical inferences and draw logical conclusions.


Determine whether an argument is logical, relevant, and adequate based on evidence.

Grading Policy


In order to pass REA 0017, students must obtain 375 points which include the mandatory lab component, course assignments, and achieve a satisfactory score on the departmental final exam.

*S (Satisfactory) = 375 to 500 points plus exit score of 60% or higher on the Florida College Basic Skills Exit Test. (All reading class requirements completed)
*P (Progress) = 250 to 375 points and/or exit score below 60% - (Retake REA 0017)
*U (Unsatisfactory) = Below 250 points (Retake REA 0017) (NOTE: A “U” is equivalent to an “F” in calculating the grade point average.)
*W (Withdrawal) = Retake REA 0017

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