Writing Center Frequently Asked Questions

writing center

Who can use this lab?

Students who are registered in English courses and students registered in any other courses that requires writing may use this lab.

Can I use the computers to type my papers?

Students may use the computers to type and print their papers.

Can I get help with my papers?

Tutors provide guidance for students. Tutors do not proofread or edit papers, but rather show students how to identify and correct mistakes. They also offer guidance if students need help organizing their papers.

Who are the tutors?

Tutors in the writing center are professionals, graduate students, part-time and/or full-time instructors.

Is there any charge for the services offered in the center?

Students do not have to pay any additional fees for the use of the KC Writing Center. There is no charge for printing.

Note: Students should be aware that if they need, or request, private tutoring services outside of the center’s hours of operation, then they may incur in additional charges for this services since this would be considered a “private tutoring session.” The KC Writing Center is not responsible or liable for fees imposed by private tutors, for tutoring services offered during their personal time.

How is a tutoring session setup?

A tutoring session typically lasts 30 minutes; focuses on one or two writing issues; improves your writing skills as you talk one-to-one with a tutor; involves reading and brainstorming.

Do I need an appointment to see the tutors?

No, appointments are not necessary. Tutoring is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.If a student prefers to work with a specific tutor then we recommend that appointments be scheduled. Tutors may setup individual and/or follow-up appointments based on their schedule availability. Students are responsible to cancel their appointments.

Note: Tutors cannot setup private tutoring appointments, at the KC Writing Center, outside their designated work schedule.

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