Social Sciences

The following courses are offered through the Kendall Campus Social Science Department:

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American Federal Government

POS 2041  American Federal Government

American History

AMH 2010  History of the United States to 1877
AMH 2020  History of the United States Since 1877
AMH 2091  Afro-American History


ANT 2410  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Clinical Psychology

CLP 2140  Abnormal Psychology
PSY 2050  Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Criminal Justice

CCJ 1020  Introduction to Criminal Justice

CCJ 1010  Introduction to Criminology

CCJ 1191  Human Behavior in Criminal Justice

CCJ 2650  Narcotics and Dangerous Substances

CJC 1000  Introduction to Corrections

CJC 1162  Parole and Probation

CJE 2600  Criminal Investigation

CJJ 2002  Juvenile Delinquency

CJL 2062  Constitutional Law and Legal Procedure or Evidence

Developmental Psychology

DEP 2000  Human Growth & Development
DEP 2100  Child Growth & Development

International Relations

INR 2002  International Relations
CPO 2100  Comparative European Government

Interdisciplinary Social Science

ISS 1120  The Social Environment 
ISS 1161  The Individual in Society 
ISS 2270  Multicultural Communications and Relations


CLP 1006  Psychology of Personal Effectiveness 
CLP 2000  Dynamics of Behavior


PSY 2012  Introduction to Psychology

Student Life Skills

SLS 1106  First Year Experience Seminar
SLS 1125  Student Support Seminar
SLS 1505  College Survival Skills
SLS 1510  Preparing for Student Success

Social Psychology

PSY 2800  Psychology of Genocide
SOP 2002  Social Psychology
SOP 2772  Human Sexuality


SYG 2000  Introduction to Sociology
SYG 2010  Social Problems
SYG 2230  Multi-Ethnic America
SYG 2430  Marriage and the Family

World History

WOH 2012  History of World Civilization to 1789
WOH 2022  History of World Civilization from 1789
LAH 2025  History of Cuba

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