Miami Dade College Kendall Campus

Fitness and Wellness Center

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Membership has its Perks:

Health Screenings – Throughout the year, we offer several health screenings for College employees, including osteoporosis, cholesterol, scoliosis, blood glucose level, mammogram and blood pressure.

*Vision, hepatitis/HIV and skin cancer screenings are available free of charge.

Group Exercise Classes – Tone up, lose weight and de-stress: Group Exercise Classes are offered at convenient times and are a fun way to get your workout.

Weight Watchers @ Work – This is a structured program offering a support network group at work. Students can also participate in this program. Please contact the Wellness Center for additional information.

Health/Fitness Assessment Technology - The Wellness Center and Human Performance Lab offers the latest, comprehensive computerized testing. Options include:

  • Polar Tri-Fit – Great for tracking total fitness and dietary analysis, this program allows us to measure blood pressure, body fat, flexibility, weight, muscular strength and fitness. Enter dietary intake and goals or answer a variety of health related assessment surveys for an at-risk analysis. The program can generate many reports summarizing all of the entered data along with indicators of your current standings and progress.

  • Futrex 5500 – A non-invasive body fat composition analyzer; No pinching required. Infrared technology tests as accurately as underwater weighing – the gold standard. The software provides a complete assessment report indicating body fat percentage and an explanation of your weight, basal metabolic rate and body mass index.

  • MetaCheck – Measures resting metabolic rate with a simple 10 minute breath test. A must for anyone trying to lose weight. This technology has been used exclusively by hospitals and universities for years and is now available for schools and health clubs. Provides reports interpreting the test, normal values, suggested custom diet and exercise plans.