Miami Dade College

Learning Resources

Library liaisons work with discipline faculty to ensure that resources needed to support the curriculum are available college-wide. These resources may include such things as LibGuides, books, online databases, or eBooks. In addition, the library liaison can design instructional sessions or work with faculty to design assignments that teach students information literacy skills. Contact the liaisons below to learn more about our new discipline-based approach to collection development at MDC.

If your discipline is not listed here, please contact your campus librarian.

Collection Development Guidelines

View more information regarding our Collection Development Guidelines

Division Contact Telephone
Accounting Shamsha Karim 305-237-2295
Animation and Gaming Adria Leal 305-237-3449
Anthropology Isabel Duque 305-237-6088
Architecture and Interior Design Jenny Saxton 305-237-2075
Aviation Lizeth Garcia 305-237-5021
Biology Angel Hernandez 305-237-8308
Business Shamsha Karim 305-237-2295
Chemistry Steve Kronen 305-237-8905
Clinical Laboratory Sciences Elisa Abella 305-237-4325
Confucius Institute Marta Frydman 305-237-3446
Criminal Justice Maria Casado 305-237-1775
Culinary Arts Marta Frydman 305-237-3446
Dental Hygiene Elisa Abella 305-237-4325
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Elisa Abella 305-237-4498
Early Childhood Education Valda Adeyiga 305-237-8732
Earth Ethics Institute Steve Kronen 305-237-8905
Earth Sciences Steve Kronen 305-237-8905
Economics Shamsha Karim 305-237-2295
Education Valda Adeyiga 305-237-8732
Emergency Medical Services Elisa Abella 305-237-4325
Engineering Michael Moore 305-237-2072
English Composition & Literature Christina M. Dillon 305-237-8655
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Lizeth Garcia 305-237-5021
Fashion Design and Merchandising Adria Leal 305-237-3449
Film & Television Production Erin Fennell 305-237-8085
Fire Services Maria Casado 305-237-1775
Foreign Languages  Beth Cloues 305-237-6736
Funeral Services Theodore Karantsalis 305-237-1777
Graphic Design, Web Design,
& Computer Animation
Erin Fennell 305-237-8085
Health and Wellness Angel Hernandez 305-237-8308
Health Information Technology Elisa Abella 305-237-4498
History Jenny Saxton 305-237-2075
Histotechnology Elisa Abella 305-237-4325
Human Services and
Addiction Studies
Beth Cloues 305-237-6736
Humanities Michael Moore 305-237-2072
Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy (ICED)    
International Relations Erin Fennel 305-237-8085
Law Adria Leal 305-237-3449
Massage Therapy Elisa Abella 305-237-4498
Mathematics Jenny Saxton 305-237-2075
Medical Assisting Elisa Abella 305-237-4498
Medical Coder Biller Specialist Elisa Abella 305-237-4498
Music Business Erin Fennell 305-237-8085
Nuclear Medicine Carla Clark 305-237-4342
Nursing Carla Clark 305-237-4342
Opticianry Elisa Abella 305-237-4325
Pharmacy Technician Elisa Abella 305-237-4498
Philosophy Michael Moore 305-237-2072
Phlebotomy Technician Elisa Abella 305-237-4498
Photography Erin Fennell 305-237-8085
Physical Therapist Assistant Carla Clark 305-237-4342
Physician Assistant Carla Clark 305-237-4342
Physics Steve Kronen 305-237-8905
Political Science Adria Leal 305-237-3449
Preschool  Valda Adeyiga 305-237-8732
Psychology Beth Cloues 305-237-6736
Radiography Carla Clark 305-237-4342
Religion Michael Moore 305-237-2072
Respiratory Care Elisa Abella 305-237-4325
Sociology Isabel Duque 305-237-6088
Speech Christina M. Dillon 305-237-8655
Student Life Skills Isabel Duque 305-237-6088
Technology Michael Moore 305-237-2072
Translation & Interpretation Studies Beth Cloues 305-237-6736
Veterinary Technican Ivan Toledo 305-237-4325
World Languages Beth Cloues 305-237-6736
Campus Contact Telephone
Hialeah Campus Valda Adeyiga 305-237-8732
Christina M. Dillon 305-237-8655
Homestead Campus Lizeth Garcia 305-237-5021
Kendall Campus Shamsha Karim 305-237-2295
Jenny Saxton 305-237-2075
Michael Moore 305-237-2072
Medical Center Campus Carla Clark 305-237-4342
North Campus Angel Hernandez 305-237-8308
Laurel (Erin) Fennell 305-237-8085
Maria Casado 305-237-1775
Padrón Campus Beth Cloues 305-237-6736
Isabel Duque 305-237-6088
West Steve Kronen 305-237-8905
Wolfson Campus Adria Leal 305-237-3449
Marta Frydman 305-237-3446