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Books or articles that are not available in your campus library may be obtained from other campuses via inter-campus loan (ICL), or from other institutions via inter-library loan (ILL). Items that can be obtained from libraries within the Florida College System are usually received within three to seven days. Other items may take up to two weeks to receive. The loan period for an ILL item depends on the policy of the lending institution.

Resource Sharing Information for Patrons FAQ

Let’s say you are looking for a specific item (book, article, DVD or something else) at your campus library but we don’t have it there. Resource sharing is when one library loans something you need to another library so that you can borrow it.

ILL or Interlibrary Loan is when we get that item from another library system outside of MDC. ICL or Intercampus loan is when we have an item sent from another MDC campus to your campus so you can easily pick it up.

Current Miami Dade College faculty, staff, and credit students may make resource sharing requests. A valid MDID must be presented when borrowing any material at MDC libraries.

No, Resource Sharing is provided to eligible patrons at no cost. If an item borrowed from another library is lost or damaged you will be charged for replacement of the item and a processing fee that is determined by the lending library.

If a bill for replacement charges is not resolved a hold will be placed on your MDC account and you won’t be able to register for classes or receive transcripts until payment is made.

See the library staff at your campus to place a request. Contact information for each MDC library can be found in our directory

It depends on what you need and where it comes from. Articles may arrive electronically within 24 hours. Some books or other items may take up to 2 weeks to arrive depending on distance of the lending library, holidays, scarcity of the item and other variables. Generally, you can expect to wait between 3-7 business days. How will I know my item has arrived? You will be notified by email at your MDC email address. If you do not check this account regularly you should set your mail to forward to an account you do use.

Loan times vary depending on the rules of the lending library. When you check out the book at your local MDC library make sure to take note of the due date.

Visit or call your campus library's reference desk for assistance with placing ICL or ILL requests.