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Placing Materials on Reserve

Faculty members may place course materials on reserve for students. Reserve materials may be designated for in-library use only, or may circulate according to the instructor's specifications. Please note that the textbooks used in MDC courses are not purchased for the library collection.

To place materials on reserve, fill out the online form and please contact:

EEC Theo Karantsalis 305-237-1922
Hialeah Lucy Ruiz 305-237-8728
Homestead Teri Forrest 305-237-5153
InterAmerican Nancy Calvo 305-237-6285
Kendall Kristal Lewis 305-237-2224
Medical Kent Gardiner 305-237-4196
North Oxile Accius 305-237-1583
MDC-West Walquiris Reyes 305-237-8505
Wolfson Lesley Valcin 305-237-3447


Resources placed on reserve are materials that professors have identified for use in class. All materials on reserve at the Library cannot be taken out of Library.

Faculty Information

All faculty-supplied photocopies must include a complete citation for the work from which the copy was made, including a photocopy of the source's title page and copyright page. Photocopied materials will be stamped with the required warning notice of copyright. Faculty who place their personal copies of books or other materials on reserve do so at their own risk. Personal copies should be identified as such. Library bar codes and reserve labels will be attached to all personal copies.


Special arrangements must be made with the Library staff to place multiple copies of photocopied materials on reserve.
Fair use? Public domain? Protected works? Know the difference and don't be on the wrong side of the law. Learn about copyright

Withdrawal of Materials

Library books are automatically taken off of reserve at the end of the term, and must be requested again for further reserve use. Personal copies must be picked up from the Library.If you have any questions about placing materials on reserve, please call your library’s reserve contact listed above.

Each campus will be setting up a generic Outlook inbox. Each individual who receives forms should have access to thisEach campus will be setting up a generic Outlook inbox. Each individual who receives forms should have access to this generic inbox.  It is important to keep in mind that requests will come in for different services, such as reserves, ILL, requests for tutoring and library instruction, etc. Inboxes are shared; every action taken will affect the rest of the individuals receiving online forms at your campus. The following guidelines will help you manage emails under the generic inbox without affecting other individuals at your campus.

  • All staff receiving online forms should contact the Network Department (CNS) in order to set up an inbox within Outlook with their respective campus generic e-mail accounts. Please see list by campus below.
  • Create a new folder under the campus inbox for your area (ILL, Reserve, etc). For example, if you are in charge of Inter-Library Loan, you can call the folder ILL. Every time a new request is received for your area, save it to its assigned folder.
  • Once a person working within the same area at your campus opens a new e-mail, it will no longer show as a new e-mail in your inbox. It is recommended you regularly check the folder created for your area to ensure that you don’t miss any e-mails.
  • Inboxes are shared. Please do not delete e-mail messages from other areas or any that might need to be used by other people within your same area. Only delete emails when you are certain that no one in your area needs to retain the information.  
  • Recommendation: If more than one individual per campus is in charge of ILL, for example, one person should be assigned to delete emails from the generic inbox or folders belonging to their respective areas after these are no longer needed.

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