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Suzette Peruyero

Suzette Peruyero
Name Suzette Peruyero
Nickname Suzie
Major Broadcast journalism
Future Plans I plan to move to Gainesville and get my Bachelors from UF. While I'm in school I'd like to find a really cool internship and then, once I graduate, I want to try and get a job with MTV.
Born Hialeah, FL  1987
Favorite Class I really loved my nutrition class last summer. I learned so and now it's like second nature for me to like make nutritional comments on all the food in my house. It drives my family insane! lol.
To Relax I LOVE sleeping. My bedroom is the only place I can completely relax and forget about everything.
Movie I love the way Sanaa Lathan's character in Brown Sugar uses metaphors of hip hop to explain her relationship with the love of her life.
Book The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I read it back in my junior year in high school. It's the only book I actually finished for class.
Music omg I'm seriously a total music guru. What really gets me is the indie/emo stuff with amazing lyrics and an awesome sound. And if it's acoustic, you've won my heart.
Pizza The less tomato the better and I love when the bread is really thick.
Pet Definitely my turtle, "Turtle." lol. He just sits there in his little pool and never bothers or makes noise. I love it!
Web site Sadly, I have to admit I'm a MySpace addict. lol.
Halloween Costume In 5th grade I was a French maid. My grandma made me the costume and I wore it three Halloweens straight until I couldn't fit into it any more. haha.
Keep in touch MySpace is definitely the best way for me to stay in touch with people who I still want to talk to. lol.
Want from Life I want to be rich and successful so that i can feel that all of my hard work in school has paid off. I want my dream job and an apartment in Manhattan overlooking the city. I want one day for people across America to turn on their TVs and see my face and know my name. And I'd love to find the love of my life lol. I think I'd be content with all of that!
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