Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What programs of study does the School of Entertainment & Design Technology offer?
The Miami Dade College School of Entertainment & Design Technology offers training in a variety of exciting careers in creative industries such as computer animation, film production, graphic design, music business, TV production, web design and more!
What are the B.A.S. Program's entrance requirements?
  • An Online Bachelor’s Application  (
  • An A.S. or A.A. degree from a regionally accredited institution, OR a minimum of 60 semester hours from a regionally accredited institution (including 43 credits applicable to the program curriculum)
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Completion of FIL 1030 History of Film and FIL 1100 Screenwriting 1
  • Foreign Language: Students admitted to the baccalaureate degree program without meeting the foreign language admission requirement of at least 2 courses (8-10 credit hours) of sequential foreign language at the secondary level or the equivalent of such instruction at the postsecondary level must earn such credits prior to graduation
How can I find out what times and days a course is offered for registration during a particular semester?
How long are the classes? When are they offered?
Classes run for 16 weeks during a major Fall or Spring term. Fall runs from late August until December. Spring runs from January until April. Classes are also available during the Summer term, which runs from May until July. Summer classes run during the first six weeks of the term, the second six weeks, or even the full 12 weeks. Classes are offered in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends to accommodate students who work. Visit the Current Schedule of Classes page to view the times and days of the courses offered, as well as the room number, reference number and professor.
How can I contact a professor who teaches in the School of Entertainment & Design Technology?
How can I find driving directions to the campuses where SEDT courses are taught?
Visit our Campus Locations page. Click on "Map to ____ Campus," and you'll open a MapQuest Map showing the MDC campus of your choice. Click "Directions To" and type in your home address for MapQuest to deliver turn-by-turn directions to your chosen MDC campus. Click the link titled "___ Campus Buildings" to see a satellite image of the locations of the various buildings of a selected campus. Room numbers begin with the building number and the floor number; for example, Room 3213 on the North Campus, is located in building 3, on the second floor.
How can I listen to the SEDT Radio Station,
Visit and click "Listen Live." You might need to download the WinAmp player for Windows or iTunes for Mac.
Will the School of Entertainment & Design Technology help me find a job once I graduate?
We will assist students, within reason, in securing internships. There are clear guidelines that must be followed and there is absolutely no guarantee of job placement after graduation. Jobs are obtained based on many factors, including knowledge, ability, people skills, personal connections, work ethic, flexibility, creativity, desire and luck. MDC will assist students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, business acumen, ability and work ethics needed. In some instances, internships are key components towards establishing business contacts and opportunities.
What are the advantages regarding earning a degree from the School of Entertainment & Design Technology at Miami Dade College (MDC)?
SEDT offers exceptional education at a great cost. Our programs are designed to provide technical, theoretical, and practical hands-on experience to empower students to meet the increasing demands of the local entertainment and multi-media industries.
How long will it take me to complete an Associate in Science Degree or an Associate in Arts Degree?
A.S. and A.A. degrees take approximately two years to complete. Courses are sequenced to enable students to finish a 60- to 64-credit program in four major terms, plus an intervening summer term; in other words, five terms. Students who do not attend college full-time can still complete the degree program, but this will take more than two years.
How long will it take me to complete the Bachelor of Applied Science?
The B.A.S degree will take 4 years to complete. Courses are sequenced to enable the students to finish a 120-credit program in 8 Major terms. During the first four terms of the program the student completes lower division requirements and completes their A.S. During the second half of the program the student completes upper division requirements and works on a Capstone Project. Students who do not attend college full-time can still complete the B.A.S. degree program, but this will take more than 4 years.
Must I enroll in General Education Classes?
Yes. At least 15 academic credits in General education topics are required for every A.S. degree and 36 academic credits in General education topics are required for every B.A.S and A.A. degree.
I am very knowledgeable regarding computers. Do I have to register for the basic computer course?
No. Students may take a computer literacy test prior to having successfully completed 16 credits. If students successfully pass the test, they receive a waiver for the CGS1060 computer course. Students must take the CGS1060 course prior to completion of 31 credits or take the computer literacy test. Please contact your campus's Testing Department.
Must I complete a Foreign Language Requirement to graduate with a B.A.S?
The B.A.S. program in Film, Television, & Digital Production has a language requirement that must be completed prior to graduation. You must take 8 Credit Hours in one foreign language in order to satisfy the requirement. This requirement can also be satisfied by taking a CLEP test in the language of your choosing or by having taken two consecutive language classes in High School.
What is the difference between an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Science?

The Associate in Arts degree is designed for students wishing to transfer to universities. The areas of concentration parallel university coursework and prepare students to enter the junior year at four-year institutions upon completion of the A.A. degree.

The Associate in Science is designed to prepare students for immediate employment in Occupational or Allied Health programs. Credits earned for many courses in these programs are acceptable to upper division colleges should the student decide to pursue a four-year degree.

Can I transfer to an upper level institution with an A.S. Degree?

No. You must complete an A.A. degree or apply to the university as a freshman. The educational system in the U.S. is based on Bloom's Taxonomy, which categorizes levels of learning from knowledge and comprehension at the lower levels to analysis and synthesis at the higher levels. Universities do not teach occupational skills in software because they concentrate on the higher levels of the Taxonomy. The best place to build occupational skills is in an A.S. degree program at the community college level. Conversely, you can only transfer an A.A. degree to a bachelor's program. The successful student would obtain both an A.S. and an A.A. degree, then transfer to a Bachelor's degree.

Are Associate in Arts Offered?
A.A. degrees are offered by Miami Dade College for transfer to any of the 11 state-supported universities in Florida, and many private universities across the state and the nation. The School of Entertainment & Design Technology offers and Associate in Arts Degree in Computer Animation.
Are Vocational Training Certificates Offered?
Vocational Training certificates are offered in TV Production and Commercial Art Technology. Unfortunately, new rules prevent us from stacking vocational courses with transferable A.A. degree courses. Since enrollment for vocational courses is usually not strong enough for them to stand on their own, we cannot offer certain required vocational courses at this time.
What are MDC's entrance requirements?
A high school diploma or the completion of a GED is required to enter MDC. How long it will take an individual student to complete the A.S. degree depends on many factors, including test scores on the CPT (College Placement Test in English, Reading, Math), how many credits the student registers for each semester and the flexibility of the student's schedule in terms of times, days and course locations, capability and other intangibles such as personal motivation and family or work related responsibilities.
I am an international student. How should I begin my registration process?

International students should visit the International Student Services page. Please note that international students are bound to U.S. immigration laws and pay higher tuition for classes.

I want to register for classes. What's my first step?

The first step is applying for Admission to the College. Visit MDC's Online Admission Form Home Page. You begin by creating a User ID and Password, then fill out the 7-page Admission form. Gather your records regarding residence (for fee purposes) and previous education.

I applied for Admission. What should I do next?

Visit the Testing Center and take the CPT/PERT (for credit) or TABE (for non-credit). The PASS test is a practice version of the CPT/PERT. It is a great way to measure your skills in reading comprehension, sentence skills and elementary algebra, thus enabling you to concentrate studying in a certain area before taking the CPT/PERT. Depending on your scores on the CPT/PERT, you might be required to register for College-Prep classes.

I took the entrance exam? Now What?

All students are required to meet with an advisor after gaining admission to the College. Our MDC, SEDT liaison in Advisement is Grace Herring Graham, 305-237-1591. Returning students with declared majors should seek advisement from faculty in their major department. Print your degree audit from the MDC Student Portal and make an appointment with one of the advisors from the list below:

Computer Animation Faculty Advisors
Film Production Faculty Advisors
Graphic Design Faculty Advisors
Music Business Faculty Advisors
TV Production Faculty Advisors
Web Design Faculty Advisors
B.A.S in Film, Television & Digital Production Faculty Advisors
How much do classes and books cost?
Visit MDC's tuition page for current tuition fees, and also visit for determining costs and ordering new or used textbooks.
How can I apply online for Financial Aid?

Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by visiting

Does MDC offer scholarships?
Yes. Visit our Scholarships page for a list of scholarships offered.