What is the B.A.S. in Film, Television & Digital Production?


The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) is the designated degree for flexible baccalaureate programs that are intended to accommodate the unique demands for entry and advancement within specific workforce sectors.

The B.A.S. program provides degree completion opportunities for students with the Associate in Science in Film Production Technology.  Students learn advanced, practical, & hands-on training necessary in today’s film, television and digital media production workforce.  Students further their knowledge in the latest technologies giving them the experience to successfully achieve their academic goals and professional aspirations.

Students who graduate with the Bachelor of Applied Science in Film, Television & Digital Production will be prepared to gain immediate employment with film and/or television production companies as producers, directors, technical directors, production managers, camera operators, cinematographers, writers, researchers, editors and sound engineers, as well as be prepared for graduate school in digital media production.


Digital Cinematography

Sound Design

DVD Authoring, Web Design & Electronic Distribution

Digital FX & Compositing

Grant Proposal & Funding

Business Practices & Production Management

Fiction Scriptwriting

Ethics & Research for Non-Fiction Scripts

Broadcast Design & On-Air Promotions

Production Workshops