Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Graphic Design

Do I need to be able to draw to be a graphic designer?
Although many of our students choose to enter the field because of a natural artistic ability, many professional graphic designers and art directors do not possess accurate technical or representational drawing skills. Graphic designers are usually concerned with selecting and arranging text and graphic elements within a page format.
Do you teach Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)?
Yes we do. Each of these software applications are taught as separate 4-credit courses. Photoshop is taught in three separate 4-credit courses and Illustrator is taught in a beginning and an advanced 4-credit course.
I completed a training certificate at Miami Lakes Technical Education Center. Can that count toward my A.S. degree?
Yes. SEDT has an articulation agreement with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Anyone who completes a training certificate through MDCPS qualifies to receive 10 credits toward an A.S. degree after completing the required general education courses.
I am a creative person. Why should I take presswork classes?
Graphic design/graphic arts/printing and publishing industry occupations are divided into 25 percent creative occupations, 25 percent administrative occupations and 50 percent production occupations. The creative occupations are highly competitive, but there is a need for talented, skilled employees in the production occupations. An entrant who cannot find employment as a designer might still be able to make a satisfying career as a printer or pre-press technician.
I completed my A.S. degree in Graphic Design, and now I want to transfer into a Bachelor's degree program. What should I do?
An articulation agreement between MDC and the State University System enables graduates who complete their A.A. degree to enter a Florida university as a junior rather than as a freshman by counting the A.A. degree as the first 60 credits of a 120-credit Bachelor's program. Your 15 general education credits and 8 graphic design major credits required for your A.S. degree automatically count toward your A.A. degree. You would only need to complete 37 more credits for an A.A. degree.
What local universities can I transfer to for a Bachelor's degree?
FAU, New World School of the Arts and University of Miami offer Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Graphic Design. FIU offers a Bachelor of Science in Advertising. Within the State of Florida, the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota offers a Bachelor's in Graphic Design and Communications. The University of Florida in Gainesville offers a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Florida A&M University in Tallahassee offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Graphic Design and Graphic Communications/Printing. Florida State University, also in Tallahassee, offers a Bachelor's in Studio Arts and Design. Outside of Florida, many of our students transfer to SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia and art schools in New York, California and overseas.
Can I transfer my graphic design credits from another college to apply toward my A.S. in Graphic Design?
Yes. But MDC requires students to first complete the required 15 general education credits for an A.S. degree. Be sure to contact your college and have them send your transcript to the MDC Admissions Office.
I started out as a vocational-certificate-seeking student, but now I want my A.S. degree. Can I transfer the vocational credits?
Yes, but once again, MDC's rule on this matter is for the student to first complete the required 15 general education credits for the A.S. degree. Once that's done, your advisor can fill out a form called "Request for Awarding of College Credit for Non-Collegiate Training." There is usually a fee charged per course to perform this transfer.
I started out as an A.S. degree-seeking student, but I can't handle the math. Can I transfer the college credits toward a vocational certificate?
Yes. Not a problem. The same form, "Request for Awarding of College Credit for Non-Collegiate Training" is used to transfer college credits to a vocational program. Once again, there is a fee charged per course to perform this transfer.
Can I get an industry job while still in school?
Yes you can. A degree is not required for entry into the field, so learning the industry-standard software applications can supply you with the necessary skills to gain employment. Of course, the more you know, the more earning potential you have, so complete your degree, and go for your Bachelor's degree as well.