Summer 2013-3 Schedule

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SUMMER 2013-3
FIL1030  795195 HISTORY OF FILM      North M W   1:00P  4:20P
FIL1North  794923 SCRNWRTNG 1: DRA STR North M W   10:25A  1:45P
FIL1North  794924 SCRNWRTNG 1: DRA STR North T R  5:40P  9:00P
FIL2552C 794925 EDITING: LEVEL 1     North M W F 1:30P  4:50P
FIL2552C 795196 EDITING: LEVEL 1     North M W F 9:00A  12:30P
FIL2553C  794671 EDITING: LEVEL 2     North M W F 1:30P 4:50P
FIL2560C  817162 EDITING: LEVEL 3     North M W F 1:30P 4:50P
FIL2945   794672 FILM INTERNSHIP      North TBA   TBA   TBA  
FIL3602   794926 BUS PRAC PROD MGT    North T R  5:40P 8:40P
FIL3651   794927 GRANT PROPOSALS&FNDG North M W   5:40P 8:55P
GRA1111C  794682 GRAPHIC DESIGN 1     North M W   6:00P 9:30P
GRA1750  795Kendall INT GRAPC INTERNET T North T R  9:30A  1:30P
GRA1752  794683 GRAPHIC IMAGING 1    North M W   6:00P  9:30P
GRA2117C 817272 COMPP ASSIST GRAP DE North T R  6:00P  9:30P
MMCKendall0  794984 INTRO MASS COMMUN    North T R  9:00A  12:20P
MMCKendall0  817163 INTRO MASS COMMUN    North T R  5:40P  9:00P
RTV1North  795027 WRITNG FOR ELE MEDIA North M W F 10:25A  12:40P
RTV1240C 794772 RADIO PRODUCTION     North T R  5:40P  7:20P
RTV2940 794773 INTERNSHIP           North TBA   TBA   TBA  
RTV2943 794774 SUMMER TV PRACTICUM  North TBA    TBA   TBA  
VICNorth0 795067 VISUAL COMMUNICATION North T R  12:30P 3:50P
VICNorth0 795316 VISUAL COMMUNICATION North M W   5:00P 8:30P
FIL1North  796713 SCRNWRTNG 1: DRA STR Kendall M W   5:40P 9:00P
FIL2131  796398 SCREENWRTNG 2: CHR D Kendall M W F 3:00P 5:30P
FIL2611  796399 FILM BUS MKT DIS&EXH Kendall M W F 10:30A 1:05P
GRA0451  796403 GRAPH PHOTO PROCESS  Kendall M W   8:00A 11:30A
GRA1111C 796404 GRAPHIC DESIGN 1     Kendall T R  8:00A 11:30A
GRA2117C 796406 COMPP ASSIST GRAP DE Kendall M W   3:00P 6:30P
GRA2156C 796407 ELECTRONIC PHOTOSHOP Kendall T R  3:00P 6:30P
GRA2151C 793493 DIGTL GRAPHIC PAINTG Wolfson MTWR  9:00A 12:30P
GRA2207C 793494 ADV ELEC PHOTO SHP   Wolfson MTWR  2:00P 5:30P
MUC2601    797149 INTRO TO SONGWRITING  Kendall T R   2:30P  5:45P
MUM1949    796475 CO-OP WORK EXP1: MUM  Kendall TBA    TBA    TBA   
MUM2604    797161 MULTITRACK MIX TECH   Kendall M W F  1:00P  2:30P
MUM2623C   796806 MIDI ELECTRONIC MUS1  Kendall M W F  10:25A  12:40P
MUM2700    797162 MUSIC BUSINESS 1      Kendall M W F  10:25A  12:40P