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Business and Professional Development

Keep your career moving in the right direction with our short-term programs designed to strengthen critical management skills to improve your business acumen.

Enroll today and take the first step to gain essential skills to move your business initiatives forward. Our program will help you navigate complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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About the Business Program

This program encompasses a variety of courses designed to gain essential knowledge and skills proven in different areas of any business.

Turn your business ideas into a solid strategy for long-term success with our courses focused on Human Resources, Accounting and Data Analytics, Project Management, Logistics, Entrepreneurship and Financial Management among others.

Explore a new career path in growing industries like Real Estate, Insurance, or Global Commerce and keep expanding your knowledge and growing with continuing education opportunities offered by our business programs.

Areas of Interest

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Investing & Financial Management

Gain the skills to manage financial records. Learn how to systematically identify, record, measure, classify, verify, summarize, interpret, and communicate financial information. Acquire the knowledge of investing, stocks, bonds, funds, options, futures, trading currencies and other money instruments.

Business Management and Supervision

Attain the skills of leadership and management to cohesively maintain business operations.

Construction Management

Obtain the skills of planning, coordinating, and managing a construction project.

Supply Chain Management

Gain the skills and knowledge to manage import/export logistics and distribution of goods and services.

Entrepreneurship Essentials

Attain the skills to create and establish new ventures through self-management, planning, organizing, leading, staffing and marketing to effectively communicate and understand marketing trends, social media, and more.

Real Estate Industry

Learn the concepts and skills to start a career in Real Estate. Get prepared and ready for the industry’s estate license exams and become a Real Estate Sales Associate or Broker.

Insurance Industry

Obtain the knowledge required and get ready for the state’s industry exams to become an insurance agent.

License and Certificate Preparation

Our courses are designed for business professionals seeking to upskill, reskill, or find a new career path. Keep up with the requirements for your professional license or prepare to start a new profession with our license and certificate preparation programs.

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Real Estate Sales Associate Pre-Licensing

Get ready to take the Florida Real Estate exam. This course meets the state requirement to become a real estate agent. It provides students and instructors with the latest developments in Florida’s real estate law and practices.