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Healthcare Careers

Start your career in Healthcare at Miami Dade College.

The School of Continuing Education and Professional Development offers a variety of courses and programs at our Medical Campus to help prepare students for Industry Certifications and State licenses in the healthcare field.

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About the Healthcare Program

Our flexible schedules are designed to meet the needs of busy working adults. We offer classes throughout the year in the classroom and online. Our expert instructors are practitioners in their fields, who skillfully provide you with the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, so you can successfully complete your chosen course of study.

We work closely with local hospitals and health care providers to ensure our curriculum meets State and national certification/licensure preparation standards.

Areas of Interest

Local Anesthesia for Dental Hygienists

Learn the basic concepts of local anesthesia including pharmacology, administration, indications and contraindications, anatomical considerations and more. You will practice techniques for safe, effective administration and gain experience in medical history, vital sign assessment, patient management and more. This class is perfect for those who need to review how to administer local anesthesia.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The CNA Test Preparation course is for those students who wish to challenge the state exam and work with patients according to predefined guidelines. This90-hour course focuses on obtaining basic patient care skills, including vital signs, documentation, activities of daily living, body mechanics and basic medical technology. Students must be 18 years of age.

NCLEX (RN) Remediation

This course meets the guidelines for the 90-hour didactic portion of a Florida State Board of Nursing (FBON) approved course created for individuals who have multiple (three or more) unsuccessful attempts passing the NCLEX-RN examination. In this course, you will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to enhance previously learned content, with the goal of successfully passing the NCLEX-RN examination. This course is also valuable for those who are preparing to take the NCLEX exam for the first time.

EKG Technician Certification

Students will acquire the skills they need to become a successful EKG Technician. You will learn how to analyze the rhythm of the heart, understand P-waves, P-R intervals QRS complex, and more.

Nursing Skills

This course is designed for nurses and other health care providers who have previous client care experience and provides the opportunity for participants to observe, review, practice and acquire or reacquire adult medical-surgical nursing skills in a simulated laboratory setting. It is also a requirement for non-LPN students who are seeking admission into the Transitional Nursing Program at Miami Dade College.

MRI Certification

Students must be ARRT registered and/or be a registered technologist with the State of Florida and/or have an ultrasound license to be eligible to take this course. This course is an introduction to the basic MRI principles and concepts, including signal production, image formation, contrast and resolution. It is intended to provide a foundational understanding of MRI technology/equipment and its appropriate, safe use. This course meets the current (2019-present) ARRT requirements.

TEAS Preparation

This review will prepare you to take the TEAS or Test of Essential Academic Skills. The courses are designed specifically to assess a student’s preparedness entering the health science fields. This class prepares students for the different sections (Math, Reading, English, Language and Science) that are covered in the TEAS Exam.

HIV/AIDs in the Healthcare Environment

This course will meet the four-hour requirement that most providers in health fields need. Topics include HIV/AIDS definitions, modes of transmission, high-risk groups, stages of HIV infection, testing and treatment for HIV, statistics, legal issues, confidentiality of the information, use of Universal Precautions, personal protective equipment, hand washing, and other infection control procedures to prevent transmission of the virus.