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Courses You Will Take


General Education Core Requirements

First Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
ENC 1101 English Composition 3 credits
MAC 1105 College Algebra 3 credits
SPC 1017 Fundamental of Speech Communication 3 credits
CLP 1006 Psychology of Personal Effectiveness 3 credits
CGS 1060C Introduction to Computer Technology and Applications 0 credits
PHI 2604 Critical Thinking Ethics 3 credits

Major Course Requirements

Second Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
CCJ 1020 Intro to Criminal Justice
3 credits
CCJ 1191 Human Behavior in Criminal Justice
3 credits
CJE 1680 Intro to Computer Crimes 3 credits
CET 2369C
Embedded Hardware Programming

"C" for Engineers
4 credits
CJL 1100 Criminal Law
3 credits
Third Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
CJL 2062 Constitutional Law & Legal Procedure 3 credits
CJE 2600 Criminal Investigation 3 credits
CET 2664CC Electronics Security 4 credits
CCJ 2053 Criminal Justice Ethics 3 credits
Fourth Semester
Course Course Title Credit Hours
SYG 2000 Intro to Sociology 3 credits
CCJ 1010 Intro to Criminology 3 credits
CET 2880C Digital Forensics 4 credits
CJL 2610 Courtroom Presentation 3 credits
BSC 1005,
CHM 1020,
OR PHY 1020
General Education Biology
General Education Chemistry
General Education Physics
(General Education)
3 credits