Nearly 100% of grads find employment right away.
Skilled educators are in greater demand than ever and MDC prepares you to be the best.

Students graduate with a teacher certification already in hand.
Other schools let you graduate, but you still have to get your certification before you can be employed. We make sure you have your certification before you graduate.

Certification renewals.
These courses are designed to help educators earn the credits they need to obtain certification, recertification, endorsement, or professional development.

Training to be a substitute teacher
Complete the training required to become a Temporary Instructor for Miami-Dade County Public Schools in just two weeks.

Free workshops for MDC students to help get your teacher certification
We want to make sure you succeed. Take advantage of our preparatory workshops and ace your exams.

Flexible schedule/evening programs.
Whatever your schedule, we can make it work for you.

Curriculum includes extensive preparation to meet professional and accreditation demands.
Learn the subject matter and study for certification at the same time.