Campus Phone Numbers and Locations

Padrón: 305-237-6203, Room 6021-00

Kendall: 305-237-2616, Room 6219

North: 305-237-1433, Room 2256

Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Staff Directory

Name Position Email Phone Location
Dr. Susan Neimand Dean, School of Education 305.237.6162 6021-33/Padrón
Iris Strachan Chair, Early Childhood Education 305.237.1632 305.237.6122 2256-21/North      6021-35/Padrón
Dr. Kimberly Lanier Chair, K-12 Teacher Education Programs 305.237.6567 6021-39/Padrón
Carlos Rossie Director, Center for Professional Development 305.237.6188 6021-37/Padrón
Yolanda Borroto Director, Pre-School Lab  305.237.1733 601-3/North
Linda Ansley Program Manager 305.237.6568 6021-46/Padrón
Dee Candales Director, Student Teaching and Clinical Experience 305.237-6373 6021-40/Padrón
Dr. Colin Anderson Director, Assessment 305.237.6479 6021-43/Padrón
Carolina Castro Coordinator, E-Portfolio 305.237.6519 6021-47/Padrón
Christina Ondaro  Manager, Recruitment and Retention 305.237.2721 6219-15/Kendall
Dr. Corey A. Montgomery Clinical Teaching Lab Coach 305.237.6709 6021-14/Padrón
Name Position Email Phone Location
Dr. Elizabeth Butler Faculty, Early Childhood Education 305.237.6206 6021-09/Padrón
Professor Nathalie Cajuste Faculty, Teacher Education Program & Early Childhood Education 305.237.6223 6021-15/Padrón
Dr. Suzanne Cruz Faculty, Early Childhood Education 305.237.6028 6021-11/Padrón
Dr. Jasmine Diaz Faculty, Teacher Education Program 305.237.6482 6021-25/Padrón
Dr. Jessica Espinosa Faculty, Early Childhood Education 305.237.6606 6021-05/Padrón
Professor Anna K. Guerrero Faculty, Teacher Education Program 305.237.6557 6021-03/Padrón
Professor Dorothy Koffler Faculty, Early Childhood Education 305.237.5311 B139/Homestead
Dr. Annmarie Masi Faculty, Teacher Education Program 305.237.1282 2256-18/North
Dr. Aile Montoya Faculty, Teacher Education Program 305.237.2926 6219-8/Kendall
Dr. Marlene Morales Faculty, Teacher Education Program 305.237.2596 6219-12/Padrón 
Dr. Christina More Muelle Faculty, Early Childhood Education 305.237.1451 2256-23/North
Dr. Oneyda Paneque Faculty, Teacher Education Program 305.237.6707 6021-17/Padrón  
Professor Rebecca Sanchez Faculty, Teacher Education Program 305.237.3471 3506-18/Wolfson
Professor Merlina Silvera Faculty, Early Childhood Education 305.237.6225 6021-01/Padrón
Dr. Thomas Uhle Jr. Faculty, Teacher Education Program 305.237.6118 6021-19/Padrón
Professor Regina Williams Faculty, Teacher Education Program 305.237.6251 6021-13/Padrón
Name Position Email Phone Location
Sabrina Casey P/T Advisor 305.237.2567 6219/Kendall
Marva C. Celestine P/T Advisor 305.237.1433 2256/North
Sandra Cuevas-Fermin P/T Advisor 305.237.2536 6219/Kendall
Anabel Farinas P/T Advisor (CPD) 305.237.6589 6021-48/Padrón
Ares Infante P/T Advisor 305.237.6203 6021-00/Padrón
Rachel V. Jeanty P/T Advisor 305.237.2536 6219/Kendall
Christopher Montalvo P/T Advisor 305.237.6091 6021-00/Padrón
Sandra Puello P/T Advisor 305.237.1433 2256/North
Leslie Serrano P/T Advisor 305.237.2616 6219/Kendall
Daniel Reed P/T Advisor 305.237.6710 6021-00/Padrón
Jo Anne Zarowny P/T Advisor 305.237.6203 6021-00/Padrón
Name Position Email Phone Location
Dana Alexander Grant Coordinator 305.237.1726 2256/North
Leonor Alvarez-Perez P/T Administrative Coordinator (IAC) 305.237.6203 6021-00/Padrón
Jazmina Diaz Administrative Assistant 305.237.6180 6021-36/Padrón
Teresa Curtis P/T Administrative Coordinator 305.237.1433 2256/North
Patricia M. Fundora P/T Data Coordinator 305.237.6189 6021-43/Padrón
Gilberto Gonzalez Menendez Database and Reports Analyst 305.237.6048 6021-43/Padrón
Francesca Hernandez Office of Student Teaching and Clinical Experience 305.237.6067 6021-12/Padrón
Yadira Martinez P/T Clerk Pogram Assistant I 305.237.6090 6021-21/Padrón
Shari McLean Administrative Assistant 305.237.1031 2256-22/North
Joshua Mesa P/T Clerk Pogram Assistant I 305.237.2616 6219/Kendall
Jocelyn Muñoz P/T Book Orders and Livetext Support 305.237.6139 6021-47/Padrón
Dayanara Portillo P/T Clerk Pogram Assistant I 305.237.6090 6021-21/Padrón
Monica Puelles Account Specialist III/Pre-School Lab 305.237.1036 601-01/Pre School Lab
Breanna A. Rolle P/T Clerk Pogram Assistant I 305.237.6203 6021-00/Padrón
Mirna Viciedo Administrative Assistant 305.237.6162 6021-34/Padrón
Jessica Fernandez Clinical Experience Coordinator, Office of Student Teaching 305.237.6456 6021/Padrón