Kendall Campus

The first point of contact for prospective and new students, who are attending college for the first-time or who are transferring from another institution, is the New Student Center. Prospective students are encouraged to meet with a pre-admission advisor, ensuring that their first contact with the Campus is a customer friendly experience and facilitates their transition to the College.

The New Student Center conducts orientation sessions prior to each semester. All new degree-seeking students are required to participate in an orientation program. The objective of the new student orientation sessions is to provide practical information to assist new students in transitioning to college life.

Pre-admission Counseling Services

  • Describe degree and vocational program options
  • Provide information on admissions requirements for degree and vocational programs
  • Assist with the admissions process
  • Detail the next steps a student will take from admissions to the college through course registration

New Student Orientation Sessions

This provides incoming students with enough information to assist them in navigating through the system and becoming acquainted with the college’s services, programs, personnel and fellow students. Topics covered include:

  • Navigating the system – Steps for New Students
  • Student Services and Academic Support (e.g., labs)
  • Types of financial aid (e.g., grants, scholarships and loans)
  • Terminology (e.g., semester, credits)
  • Important deadlines (e.g., 100% refund, withdrawal)
  • How to get around the campus
  • Student life (e.g., Student Government, organizations)
  • Selecting a major and obtaining assistance with career services
  • Importance of Academic Advisement and the development of an academic plan
  • Exposure to the MDC web page features (e.g., registration)


Anoush McNamee Director of New Student Center 305-237-0713
Bienela Herrera Director of Recruitment 305-237-0742
Maite Padron Pre-College Advisor 305-237-0907
Anne St. Fleur Pre-College Advisor 305-237-2804
Brent Allen Pre-College Advisor 305-237-0470
Vivianne Rodriguez Dual Enrollment Coordinator 305-237-2569
Jessica Perez Castañeda Pre-College Advisor 305-237-2354
Maria Diaz Medina Pre-Admissions Counselor 305-237-0687
Gladys Manrique Secretary 305-237-2842