Prior Learning Assessment

Earn College Credit for Your Prior Learning

American Council on Education

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)


Institutional Credit-by-Exam information can be found at MDC's Testing website.

Industry Certifications

MDC has several articulated agreements to award college credit for industry certifications and training programs in AS degree programs and College Credit Certificate programs.  Find the industry certificate articulation agreements at the FLDOE website. There are technical manual of procedures for each of the articulated industry certifications and they reflect what FLDOE has approved. Programs in each of the Schools award and recognize college credit for industry certifications and workplace trainings. For example:

  • School of Architecture and Design - TMOP  1100:815843
  • School of Aviation - TMOP  1100:815841
  • School of Engineering and Technology - TMOP  1100:815842
  • School of Entertainment and Design Technology - TMOP  1100:815845
  • School of Education - TMOP  1100:815844
  • School of Health Science - TMOP  1100:815846
  • School of International Hospitality – Miami Culinary Institute - TMOP  1100:815847
  • School of Nursing - TMOP  1100:815848
  • School of Science - TMOP  1100:815849

Find out the steps needed to be completed by students in order to receive these credits.