Hialeah Campus building


Planning, Policy and Analysis (PPA) provides ongoing, integrated, and evidence-based support for College-wide strategic planning and policy analysis related to institutional effectiveness and student success.

Core Functions

  • College-wide strategic planning activities, metric development, monitoring, and goal reporting.
  • Develop and distribute environmental scans including labor market information.
  • Provide data and information to support new program development.
  • Support textbook affordability initiatives.
  • Analyze potential impacts of local, state, and federal policies and trends related to institutional effectiveness and student success to inform decision-making.
  • Build analytical resources, reports, and methodologies to enhance decision-making.
  • Collaborate with the college community to promote institutional agility by developing federated analytical capacity that leverages campus and functional unit data and planning expertise.
  • Provide expert analytical support in the collection and use of evidence to develop, implement, and improve special initiatives, grant programs, and other College activities.


Director of Planning and Policy Analysis
Dr. Scott J. Parke

Senior Planning Associate, Planning and Policy Analysis

Financial Reporting Analyst
David Venus, MBA, MAcc