Doing Business with MDC

Effective Tuesday, January 19, 2021, Miami Dade College Purchasing Department will be moving its bid notification and bid submission system to BidNet Direct as part of the Florida Purchasing Group.  All College issued solicitations will be posted on the Florida BidNet Direct website for suppliers to access. Suppliers will have the ability to download the bid document as well as any Addendums or other supporting bid documents. In addition, suppliers will be able to upload their electronic bid responses to the College via the BidNet portal as well as receive intent to award notifications. You must register with BidNet Direct in order to view the official solicitation documents. There are free and paid registration options available.


For all official solicitation postings and announcements please visit the Miami Dade College Bidnet Direct website at: https://www.bidnetdirect.com/florida/miamidadecollege

In accordance with Florida State Statute 287.057, the notice(s) below reflect commodities or contractual services sought by Miami Dade College that are thought to be only available from a single source. Prospective suppliers are requested to provide information regarding their ability to supply the commodity or contractual services described in the notice below. Notice expires 7 business days after date posted.

Date Posted

Unetixs Vascular - Sole Source Letter


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