MDC’s AI Readiness Initiative:

Miami Dade College (MDC) is prioritizing students’ AI readiness skills through its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), aligning with its strategic plan. After extensive community input, the focus emerged as enhancing AI readiness across disciplines.

Four objectives were identified:

  1. Innovating teaching in the Computer Technology and Applications course.
  2. Reviewing and updating General Education Learning Outcome #8 to include AI skills.
  3. Creating an AI readiness model for gateway courses and programs.
  4. Designing co-curricular activities to enhance AI skills.

Working groups have been established for each objective to facilitate collaboration and development. These groups will ensure continuous assessment and integration of AI readiness throughout MDC’s curriculum and activities.

Read the executive summary of AI Readiness Skills for the Workforce.

SACSCOC Standard 7.2 requires the College to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) as an integral component of the reaffirmation process. Derived from the College’s ongoing comprehensive planning and evaluation processes, the QEP reflects and affirms MDC’s commitment to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness by focusing on an issue that the College considers important to improving student learning outcomes and/or student success. The QEP proposal must describe a five-year project focused on improvement of student learning or achievement, and must include goals, targeted outcomes, an assessment plan, an implementation plan, and a budget. Data analysis should be a part of conceptualizing the QEP, monitoring implementation, and measuring its impact in relation to the stated goals and objectives. The five-year project culminates in a QEP Impact Report, which is included with the College’s Fifth-Year Interim Report.


  • April-May 2024
    • Develop QEP objectives to support achievement of the QEP goal and AI Readiness outcomes
    • Increase campus awareness and engagement about QEP
    • Refine QEP proposal through continuous iterations
  • June-July 2024
    • Prepare QEP proposal for editorial review
    • Submit nomination of QEP Lead Evaluator to SACSCOC
    • Finalize QEP proposal and compile digital QEP with appendices
  • August 7, 2024
    • Upload QEP proposal package to the SACSCOC portal
  • August-September 2024
    • Intensify campus engagement and familiarity with QEP
    • Prepare for SACSOC On-Site Peer Review
  • September 23-October 3, 2024
    • SACSOC On-Site Peer Review visit

Official start of the QEP is July 1, 2025.

QEP Year: July 1 - June 30

  • Year 0: 2024-2025
  • Year 1: 2025-2026
  • Year 2: 2026-2027
  • Year 3: 2027-2028
  • Year 4: 2028-2029
  • Year 5: 2029-2030
  • Fifth-Year Interim Report (QEP Impact Report) due September 2030
  • Dr. Barbara Rodriguez, Chair
  • Erin Bell, Director of Accreditation
  • Paola Documet, Executive Director of Student Success
  • Dr. Beverly Moore-Garcia, Campus President, West
  • Dr. Isabel Rodriguez-Dehmer, Professor of English & Communication
  • Wanda Smith, Vice Provost of Strategy & Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dr. Michaela Tomova, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs