Kendall Campus

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As part of the Division of Administrative Services, we are committed to providing an atmosphere that allows students, faculty, and staff at the Kendall Campus to meet their goals and to make a positive contribution to the total academic experience, and to the growth and development of Miami Dade College and its programs.

Trouble Reports are reported by calling the Custodial Services Help Desk at 305-237-2248. Trouble reports should be used for unexpected trouble or emergency custodial issues needing immediate action such as slip hazards, spills, broken glass, a/c problem, water leaks.

The Help Desk is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM After 8:00 PM, calls will revert to phone-mail.

In the case of an emergency, please call Public Safety at 305-237-2100.


Lazaro Benitez-Orozco Services Supervisor III 305-237-0877
Lorena Carrasco Clerk III 305-237-2248
Thelma Codina Clerk Typist III 305-237-2272
Luis Chacon Saucedo Head Custodian 305-237-2814 
Vera Felton Head Custodian 305-237-2814
Omaira Gil Head Custodian 305-237-2761
Webster Salas Head Custodian 305-237-2590

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call the Help desk; at 305-237-2248 for unexpected trouble: slip hazards, spills, broken glass, A/C problems, water leaks, etc.

Work requests should be submitted to Campus Services for special events or for specific requests that require custodial (floor care, cleaning), moving and set-up (moving of furniture, boxes, tables and chairs), maintenance (air conditioning, lights, broken fixtures), and/or Public Safety services (open/close rooms, vans). All requests must have an authorized signature by a department head, and are processed based on the deadline date submitted in the request; it is to your advantage to submit them in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.