College Prep
Reading Technology Lab

The Reading Technology Lab serves as an electronic classroom and an open lab for students enrolled in College Prep reading classes. Open lab hours are posted weekly. This networked computer lab offers a variety of software programs that enable reading students to complete required lab and class assignments.

Various software programs offer practice and instruction in specific reading skills and supplement some of the required texts. Microsoft Office programs and the Internet are also available to reading students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the Reading Technology lab located?

Room 6332

When is the Reading Technology lab open?

Open lab hours are posted weekly on the door of Room 6332.

Who may use the Reading Technology lab?

Students registered in College Prep reading courses may attend as part of their class requirements. College Prep reading instructors may use the lab to support their classroom instruction.

How does the lab operate?

Aside from being used to support classroom instruction, the lab allows students to type reading or writing assignments and search the Internet ONLY for information needed to complete class assignments during open lab hours.

What do the lab instructors do?

The lab instructors provide technical support, maintain equipment, and assist students and faculty in using the computers and software.

When do students attend?

Students may attend any time the lab is open; however, students may not use the lab during their class hours.

What are the Reading Technology Lab “no-no’s”?
What do students do if they have questions about the Reading Technology lab?

College Prep students may call:

Sharokina De Mirza (305) 237-2024
College Prep Department (305) 237-2178


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