College Prep
College Preparatory Writing - ENC 0025

ENC 0027
Introduction to College Writing through Reading

Course Description:

This course introduces students to college level composition and reading.  Students will use the writing process to compose effective sentences, paragraphs and essays using standard edited American English in response to various reading materials.  They will demonstrate proficiency in literal and critical comprehension by using a variety of reading strategies.  3 credits. This course does not have a lab component.

It is designed as a 14-week co-requisite to ENC 1101. However, developmental students who need both reading and writing can also take this course.

Departmental Mission Statement:

The mission of the Kendall Campus College Prep Department is to provide accessible, high-quality instruction that develops the skills, competencies, and attitudes necessary to meet the needs of a diverse population of developmental learners as they pursue their academic goals.  Our program is designed to bring students to the appropriate reading or writing level of academic competency needed for college success.

Additional Course Information and Policies:

This information will be provided by the instructor/professor via first-day handout(s).

Grading Policy:

Students must satisfactorily complete the following:

Your instructor will provide specific information about how grades are determined. Attendance, class participation, and other learning activities may also contribute to the final course grade.
Course Competencies
Competency 1: The student will demonstrate literal comprehension by

Competency 2: The student will demonstrate critical comprehension through his/her writing by

Competency 3: The student will demonstrate mastery of written communication and vocabulary in context by

Competency 4: The student will support and illustrate arguments by

Competency 5: The student will create a logical progression of ideas or events, and convey the relationships among them by

Competency 6: The student will demonstrate standard American English grammar and usage necessary for effective written communication by


*S (Satisfactory)


Total average grade of 70%, register for ENC 1101, English Composition 1

*P (Progress)


Retake ENC 0027, Introduction to College Writing through Reading

*U (Unsatisfactory)


Retake ENC 0027, Introduction to College Writing through Reading ("U" is considered an "F" in calculating the grade point average.)

*W (Withdrawal)


Retake ENC 0027, Introduction to College Writing through Reading


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