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Flight Simulators

Students have the opportunity to train on some of today's most popular General Aviation Flight Training Devices (FTD's). The digital technology within these FTD's provides the flexibility to simulate various aircraft performance models.

Our Frasca 142 Simulator

Our C90 Simulator

Equipped with HSI, RMI, and RNAV, our simulators allow a variety of navigation training scenarios. They are ideal for instrument and multi-engine training as well as interview preparation.

Simulator models include:

  • Frasca 142 (General Curriculum)
  • C90 (CWE Courses only)
  • GAT 1
  • GAT 2
  • GAT 3 - Sabreliner Jet
  • ATC 810
  • AST 300

The types of simulated aircraft are:

  • Cessna 172
  • Piper Seminole
  • Piper Aztec
  • Cessna 310
  • Cessna 402
  • Other models
Air Traffic Control Simulators

Our ATC Simulator

Our Air Traffic Control Simulators provide an effective environment for students to acquire hands on training with advanced ATC systems.

Students can gain experience in the safe management of both airborne and airport traffic.

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