Miami Dade College

InterAmerican Campus

Welcome to the Department of Communication, Arts & Philosophy at the InterAmerican Campus of Miami Dade College.

We offer courses in the areas of English Composition, Speech, Literature, Philosophy, Creative Writing, the Humanities, the Arts, Developmental Education Reading, and Writing.

The department promotes literacy in the 21st century and serves Miami Dade College students in their journey to becoming avid readers, academic writers, effective communicators, critical thinkers, and active citizens.

Our talented team of professors includes published authors, nationally recognized experts in their academic fields, community leaders, and endowed teaching chairs, all sharing the spirit of teaching excellence and dedication to student learning and success at the College.

Michaela Tomova
Department Chairperson  

Faculty Directory

Name Web Page Email Telephone Office
Michaela Tomova
Department Chairperson
305-237-6049 1322
Irene Canel-Petersen 305-237-6006 1347
Mary Joanne De Falla 305-237-6106 1321
Taurie Gittings-Wheeler   305-237-6608 1357
Liza Greenberg 305-237-6081 1345
Renee Kilpatrick 305-237-6160 1313
Albert Lenel 305-237-6498 1342-02
Jacquelyn Loftus 305-237-6321 1358
Yvette Lujan 305-237-6187 1359
Alejandro Salinas 305-237-6358 1346
Matthew Sang   305-237-6015 1358
Emily Sendin 305-237-6172 1348
Ronald Walker 305-237-6010 1349