Miami Dade College

InterAmerican Campus

What is the Test Prep Academy?

The Test Prep Academy-Summer Program at MDC InterAmerican Campus is a FREE program designed for juniors who did not pass the PERT and would benefit from testing preparation support and instruction in the different sections of the PERT—math, reading, or writing.  The program is divided in two-week sessions focused on either reading, writing, or math. 

Benefits of the Test Prep Academy

  • Focused on a single skill- math, reading, or writing
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Transportation and meals provided
  • Opportunity to immediately retest for the PERT  (at the end of two-week session)
  • No high school remediation during senior year (if PERT is passed)


Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Test Prep Academy, you must:

  • Must be a high school junior
  • Must have taken the PERT only once
  • Have interest in developing reading, writing, and/or math skills in order to improve PERT score
  • Must have scored within 10 points of passing or have scored within the following PERT ranges:
    • Reading (94-103)
    • Writing (89-98)
    • Math (103-112)



When asked about the Test Prep Academy, here's what some of the 2012 participants had to say:

“The instructor was outstandingly great. Learned more in these two weeks than I had ever learned in regular school.”

“Excellent teacher. I just love to see a teacher who loves her class and her job. She kept us interested in the subject and kept us wanting more.”

“It was an amazing experience to participate on this program. I’m grateful for all the opportunities and the advantage they gave me to pass the PERT. Mr. Wilfredo is an outstanding teacher. Thank you, MDC.”

“This program is amazing. From a positive standpoint I would recommend this to any incoming students. This has helped learn more in two weeks than I did in a year. Hats off to the teacher and the staff that made this possible for us.”

“Based on my 2 weeks of college math PERT, the overall time for this class is well done, highly organized, and provides useful ways for us to gain knowledge.”

“I love how the teacher explains every section and concepts. Thank you for the passion, and for the help with food and transportation. And I want to congratulate the teacher for being a great teacher.”