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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Healthcare Informatics Specialist?
A: A Healthcare Informatics Specialist works in many different capacities. They have the ability and skill to work as a sales representative for an electronic health record vendor, as an implementation or project manager for a clinic or doctor's office. They may work as an administrative office manager, creating reports utilizing health information. In addition, a Healthcare Informatics Specialist assists in training physicians and medical office staff in using electronic health record systems, and advises physicians in selecting electronic health record system software.

Q. How long is the program?
A: About 2-3 semesters.

Q. How many credits are required to complete the program?
A: 24 college credits are required for applicants without prior college credits. Applicants who have an associate's or higher degree and/or have successfully completed an approved medical terminology course will have to complete 18 - 21 credits.

Q. How are classes in the program offered?
A: Classes are offered – online, web-enhanced, and traditional face to face

Q. How much is the expected base salary of a "Healthcare Informatics Specialist"?
A: It depends on where you work and job responsibilities. You can expect to earn approximately 25,000 -30,000

Q. How many days will I attend class?
A: The Healthcare Informatics Specialist program is an evening program; students will attend classes about two evenings per week.

Q. How much does the program cost?
A: $2,840.00 for in-state program fees and $9,670.00 for out-of-state fees. Textbooks and supplies will cost about $750.00.

Q. When can I start?
A: The program starts in Fall (August) and Spring (January). You can begin by completing a program application. Every semester students are afforded preparation courses of SPC1017 Fundamentals of Speech and HIM 2472 Medical Terminology.

Q. Is there an internship offered / required?
A: Yes. There is a structured internship available during the HIM 2652C Electronic Health Record course. However, you will be required to attend clinical sites for lab assignments in other courses.

Q. Do I have to provide special documents to participate in lab and clinical courses?
A: All students must submit a completed health record form and undergo a level 2 background check. Forms will be given to students to complete. Background checks will only be accepted from the vendor designated by Miami Dade College. The information regarding the approved vendor will be provided to students.

Q. Can I transfer Healthcare Informatics Specialist credits to another program?
A: Yes, the credits will transition to the Health Information Management Technology, Associate in Science degree. Some credits can be transitioned to other PSAV and Associate in Science degrees.

Q. Is there a need for a "Healthcare Informatics Specialist" to know medical coding and billing?
A: It will depend on the need of the organization. You will be introduced to coding and billing in various courses.

Q. What type of computer requirements are needed?
A: 2007 Windows XP and Internet access

Q. How many hours per week will I need to study?
A: Approximately 5-7 hours per course offering

Q. What makes your program different from other Health Information Technology programs?
A: Besides being affordable , our students are provided opportunities for clinical internship, service learning activities and afforded the opportunity to access three different types of electronic health record systems. Students will receive training in two different electronic health record systems and analyze data. The program offers AHIMA VLab and NeerPerfect Software Systems to maximize learning.

Q. What are the course requirements for the Healthcare Informatics Specialist program if I am a graduate from another university with a degree in Health Information Management?
A: Individuals who have graduated (within the last five years) from an approved Health Information Technology program (other than Miami Dade College), are required to complete 50% of the core courses required for the Healthcare Informatics Specialist program.


All Medical Campus students must complete the FDLE Waiver and Statement form.This form is to authorize dissemination to Miami Dade College - Medical Campus of any national criminal history record that may pertain to you.

In addition, all program students must complete a "background check" through the identified MDC agent and cleared by the 1st day of class. Depending on your program of study an additional background check may be required. In addition, prior to entry into a clinical site, some clinical sites will require more frequent background checks and clearance.

Successful completion of the MDC level two background check process or completion of a MDC nursing/health sciences program does not guarantee a graduate's eligibility for participation in the professional credentialing process or for related employment. Credentialing agencies and health care employers may have additional eligibility criteria not required by an educational institution. Individuals who have been arrested or convicted of any felony crime during the last 15 years are strongly urged to inquire directly of the licensing board in the jurisdiction in which they intend to practice.

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