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The purpose of the MDC PA Program is to prepare primary care clinicians who are both clinically and culturally competent. Cultural competency is infused in each aspect of the curriculum as is patient-centered, evidence based practice. Upon admission to the program, the physician assistant student participates in a mandatory pre-matriculation orientation which includes a review of anatomy and physiology utilizing basic clinical applications, medical terminology, medical mathematics, and an introduction to history taking. The curriculum has a solid primary care foundation and is designed to enable physician assistant students to be integral members of today’s health care team. The integrated curriculum focuses on epidemiology, pathophysiology, medical and psychological conditions, wellness, disease prevention and patient education.
The didactic phase (12 months) is designed to provide a strong foundation in the basic and applied sciences. The didactic curriculum prepares students to enter the clinical phase (12 months) designed to cover required “core” rotations and electives to ensure broad exposure to clinical practice.

Course Plan

Pre-matriculation orientation                                          
8 weeks





Course Title


Semester 1 (14 credits)

Fall Term



PAS 1800C

Physical Diagnosis I


PAS 1812

Behavioral and Community Medicine I


PAS 1823

Principles of Pharmacology I


PAS 1822C

Electrocardiography / Cardiology


PAS 1813

Pathophysiological Basis of Disease I


PAS 1811

Introduction to Medicine I



Semester 2 (14 credits)

Spring Term



PAS 1801C

Physical Diagnosis II


PAS 1821

Behavioral and Community Medicine II


PAS 1830



PAS 1824

Pathophysiological Basis of Disease II


PAS 1820

Introduction to Medicine II



Semester 3 (6 credits)

Summer Term


PAS 1810C

Surgical Problems and Procedures


PAS 1831

Clinical Diagnostic Imaging




Semester 4 * (8 credits)

Fall Term



PAS 2842L

Clerkship in Psychiatry


PAS 2841L

Clerkship in Geriatrics


PAS 2866L

Clerkship in Family Medicine





Semester 5 * (8 credits)

Spring Term



PAS 2840L

Clerkship in Internal Medicine


PAS 2860L

Clerkship in Pediatrics


PAS 2870L

Clerkship in Obstetrics / Gynecology





Semester 6 * (6 credits)

Summer Term



PAS 2850L

Clerkship in Surgery


PAS 2876L

Clerkship Emergency Medicine





Total in-program credits (not including pre-requisites) 



* This is not necessarily the order in which all students will complete the eight clinical rotations or supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPE). Most SCPE’s are offered every term to maximize the utilization of sites available to students. Students must meet the requirements of the clinical facility assigned.

Policy on progression, retention and completion of the PA Program.
Retention, promotion, and graduation are not automatically granted to students in the PA Program. The progress of each student throughout the curriculum requires continuous, satisfactory academic and professional performance. At the end of each semester, the Didactic Coordinator, Program Director and the Committee on Student Progress, meet and review the performance of each student in order to determine progress to the next term. Promotion from the academic to the clinical year is dependent upon various items during the first year. First, all academic year courses must be passed and the student must exhibit professional conduct throughout the academic year in order to be promoted to the clinical year. The Committee on Student Progress will formally review each student’s professionalism at the end of each semester. Additionally, every student must demonstrate adequate performance of a complete head-to-toe physical examination, at the end of the didactic year, as well as problem-focused practical examinations and written comprehensive examination at the end of each academic year.  Failure to complete and pass these items may lengthen the program, delay graduation, increase tuition, or result in dismissal from the program. Incomplete grades will not be granted for any academic courses to any student in the physician assistant program.
A student must maintain a grade of “C” or better in all courses in order to meet program requirements. Failure to maintain the required minimum average by failing one course will result in placing the student on academic probation and eligibility to repeat the course the following year. Students on academic probation as a result of failing one course who fails another course within their tenure in the program will be automatically dismissed from the program.

Graduation from the Program
In order to successfully graduate from the MDC PA Program, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Pass all academic and clinical year courses with a grade of 75% or greater.
  • Demonstrate professional conduct* throughout the tenure in the Program;
  • Complete two PACKRAT examination (resource tool) during the Program; AND
    Successfully complete the Program’s Summative Evaluation, which includes:
    • Passing two program-generated examinations (didactic and clinical year);
    • Successful completion and passing of program required OSCE’s (practical problem-focused examination), which demonstrate the student has the requisite knowledge, interpersonal skills, patient care skills, and professionalism required for practice as a physician assistant.
    • Complete degree audit without any holds
    • Must have met all financial obligations to Miami Dade College

A student’s poor academic standing, non-professional behavior, or non-compliance with the Miami-Dade College and/or clinical site policies and procedures may be cause for discipline by the Committee on Student Progress, the Program Director, and ultimately by the Dean of Health Sciences. 





All Medical Campus students must complete the FDLE Waiver and Statement form.This form is to authorize dissemination to Miami Dade College - Medical Campus of any national criminal history record that may pertain to you.

In addition, all program students must complete a "background check" through the identified MDC agent and cleared by the 1st day of class. Depending on your program of study an additional background check may be required. In addition, prior to entry into a clinical site, some clinical sites will require more frequent background checks and clearance.

Successful completion of the MDC level two background check process or completion of a MDC nursing/health sciences program does not guarantee a graduate's eligibility for participation in the professional credentialing process or for related employment. Credentialing agencies and health care employers may have additional eligibility criteria not required by an educational institution. Individuals who have been arrested or convicted of any felony crime during the last 15 years are strongly urged to inquire directly of the licensing board in the jurisdiction in which they intend to practice.

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