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Health Information Management


Health Information Management professionals are in demand in a variety of health care settings. They are experts in health data collection and analysis. Graduates from this full online degree program have career opportunities in acute care facilities, extended care facilities, nursing homes, clinics, physicians and other health care provider facilities. Trained to become medical language experts, students will learn to interpret and process health information for research, data collection.

An associate degree can make a big difference in your life. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that individuals with associate degrees earn 21 percent more than those with only a high school education.

Please note that some of the courses in this program have a Gordon Rule writing requirement.

Please note: This is the General Education portion of the Health Information Management program offered at MDC's Medical Campus.

General Education Requirements

  1. Communications (3.00 credits)

    This is the first required general core course in college-level writing. The student will learn to compose essays and other works using various methods of development. Prerequisites: The grade of 'S' in ENC0025 and/or REA0017 or appropriate placement test score. (3 hr. lecture)
  2. Oral Communications (3.00 Credits)

    This course provides students with the oral communications skills necessary for success in personal, professional and educational settings. Students will learn through the study and experiential practice of interpersonal communication, presentational speaking and group dynamics of communication andbe able to use them effectively. (3 hr. lecture)
  3. Humanities (3.00 credits)

    This is a foundation course in philosophy. Students will learn critical thinking skills and will study major theories of ethics. Students will use methods of effective reasoning to reflect critically upon their values, ethical standards, and the ethical permissibility of topics such as euthanasia, animal rights, and environmental ethics. Prerequisite. ENC1101 (3 hr. lecture)
  4. Behavioral/Social Science (3.00 Credits)

    This is an applied psychology course which emphasizes understanding of the principles of effective human behavior and applying these to the areas of personal awareness, interpersonal relations, communication, and work/career development. Students will learn strategies to apply these principles in both their personal and professional lives. (3 hr. lecture)
  5. Computer Competency

    Test type(s) needed:

    This is an introductory level course that satisfies the College's computer competency requirement. Students will learn essential computer concepts and skills as well as knowledge of how to use, current software applications. Topics include word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation software, email, Internet, and legal and ethical issues concerning the use of computers and the Internet. (3 hr. lecture; 2 hr. lab)
  6. Major Course Requirements (11.00 Credits)

    The structure and functions of the systems of the human body, emphasizing those aspects most pertinent to students in the nursing and allied health technology programs. Students are strongly recommended to complete CHM1033/1033L prior to taking BSC2085/2085L. Corequisite: BSC2085L. (3hr. lecture)

    Laboratory for BSC2085. Corequisite: BSC2085. (2 hr. lab)

    The structure and functions of the systems of the human body, emphasizing those aspects most pertinent to students in the nursing and allied health technology programs. Prerequisite: BSC2085; Corequisite: BSC2086L. (3 Hr. Lecture)

    Laboratory for BSC2086. Prerequisite: BSC2085L, Corequisite: BSC 2086. (2 Hr. Lab)

    Analysis of medical terms through learning basic roots, prefixes and suffixes permitting the student to have a working knowledge of the language of medicine. Prerequisite: Permission of department chairperson. A.S. degree credit only. (3 hr. lecture)

Not all courses are offered every term. Please refer to our online schedule of courses each term for listed offerings.