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Welcome to the Department of World Languages at Wolfson Campus, where you can learn English as a Second Language (ESL) for Academic Purposes, French, Italian Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. We take pride in a program which integrates the latest linguistic methodologies in grammar, writing, reading and speech, which are taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty. Students also have access to two state-of-the-art laboratories; the Speech Lab, where students learn to master pronunciation and speaking skills, and the Writing Lab, where students reinforce their grammar, reading and writing skills.

Our goal is not only to impart excellent knowledge of the language you wish to learn, but at the same time, to give you a better understanding of the culture whose native language you undertake, for it is our conviction that through communication with others, we can together achieve mutual understanding.
We look forward to welcoming you to our program.

  • English for Academic Purposes

    The English for Academic Purposes Program fulfills an important mission in assisting the immigrant population in the Miami-Dade County area to learn the English language in order to facilitate continuing education and entry into mainstream America.

    For course descriptions see the College Catalog

    EAP Competencies
  • Foreign Language Program

    The Foreign Language Program emphasizes the instruction of languages other than English. French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish are the primary languages currently offered in the department. These courses enable students to expand their language skills.

  • ACE (Accelerated Content-Based English) Program

    The ACE program uses content-based instruction to teach English as a second language.

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Department Staff
Maria Verona Garcia
Erika Balladares
Assistant to the Chair Department of World Languages
305-237-3764 1615
Sergio LeonSergio Leon
Academic Lab Manager
305-237-7420 1556-04
Hebert Metellus
Part-Time Advisor

Magaly Gonzalez
Part-Time Advisor

Jesula Clairsaint
Part-Time Clerk
Department Faculty
Dorothy AvondstondtDorothy Avondstondt 305-237-7598 1638
Pradel FrankPradel Frank 305-237-3932 1636
Daphnee GillesDaphnee Gilles 305-237-7533 1626
Maria JofreMaria Jofre 305-237-3249 1649
Carol KrechCarol Krech 305-237-3708 1644
Corey MassCorey Mass 305-237-3442 1647
Maureen McCarthyMaureen McCarthy 305-237-7459 1634
Patricia NationPatricia Nation 305-237-3698 1640-2
Elizabeth RamsayElizabeth Ramsay 305-237-3786 1628
Norma Riccio   305-237-3207 1646
Angela Tavares-SogocioAngela Tavares-Sogocio   305-237-7545 1642

Writing Lab (1554)

Writing Lab personnel line up for a photo

The Writing Lab assists students with ESL-related writing goals through one-on-one tutoring and individual instruction by professionals in the field. Crafted tutorials and practice, aligned with the syllabus of each level, and challenging grammar and composition exercises are provided to students via Blackboard. Access to practice exercises and tutorials on the Internet is available for reinforcement purposes. The purpose of the writing lab is to enable EAP students to reach college level writing competency as well as reinforce learning of content delivered in writing courses. To accomplish this goal, the lab provides all sorts of material complementing the all-important syllabus of the classroom, the heart of the students' overall instruction. In addition, instruction on basic technology skills needed for research and educational purposes is provided by lab instructors right on the spot.

Speech and Foreign Language Lab (1555)

The Speech and Foreign Language Lab provides the ideal environment for students to practice audio-lingual skills on their own pace and time with the assistance of voice recognition software, lab instructors, and tutors. Language learning software is used to provide listening-speaking practice, videos and audio for listening comprehension training and an array of multimedia learning materials are available in order to improve speech and listening skills in English for Academic Purposes and Foreign Languages. Room 1555 is equipped to facilitate live interactive oral practice with lab instructors and tutors, and monitor students' performance. The Internet for educational purposes and other learning materials on the Web are available to students. In addition, instruction on basic technology skills needed for research and educational purposes is provided by lab instructors right on the spot.