Eig-Watson School of Aviation


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The MDC School of Aviation has partnership agreements with two local flight schools: Dean International and Wayman Aviation. In accordance with FAA regulations, both schools operate under Part 141 certification and approval.

Since the School of Aviation does not have its own aircraft fleet, our community partnerships provide the practical application of knowledge gained in the classroom. A minimum of 35 hours is required to obtain a private pilot’s license, but most aspiring pilots can accrue as much as 60 plus hours of flight time before they pass their FAA checkride, or final exam.

At MDC’s School of Aviation, students are able to use our more cost effective simulators to supplement their logged flight time, and in the process, obtain a professional aviation degree.


Become an MDC Community Partner by Providing Internship Opportunities

Miami Dade College's Eig Watson School of Aviation has been a pioneer in aviation education since 1961. Each year graduating high school seniors from across Miami Dade County enroll in one of our four associate degree programs: Aviation Administration, Aviation Maintenance Management, Professional Pilot Technology, and Transportation and Logistics.

Your organization can assist us in our mission to prepare our students to become leaders in the global economy by becoming Miami Dade College community partners. This entails providing students the opportunity to intern at your organization to acquire real world experience that complements their educational studies.

We require that our students work at minimum 48 hours at their internship site to receive 3 hours of college credit. We do not obligate our community partners to offer stipends for our students' work and time; however, it is encouraged.

For more information and details please contact: