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Each campus has a culture that is as diverse its student body. Each offers an opportunity for teamwork and leadership. Can't find a club that suits your interests? You can start a new organization from scratch.

The purpose of the ACCESS Club of the Homestead Campus is to support services to students with disabilities so they may fully participate in the educational and social activities offered by the college.
Advisor: Carol Clinton
P: 305-237-5226

AMSA is the first Miami-Dade College Aviation Management Student Association. AMSA was founded to serve as a contact between MDC students and the aviation industry. The Aviation Management Student Association hosts monthly meetings in which aviation leaders and executives serve as guest speakers. This close association establishes opportunities for all AMSA members to personally meet professionals in the aviation industry, and learn real-life experiences from successful aviators. It also enhances the quality of education.
Advisor: Stewart Pulley
P: 305-237-5950

The members of Miami Dade College Biology Club associate themselves to educate and motivate students academically through leadership and teamwork: To unite groups with similar interests or career paths. To organize and provide biological services needed by the school or community.
Advisor: Dr. Mark Chiappone
P: 305-237-5073

The mission of Brothers' Keepers is to assist male students at Miami Dade College Homestead through mentorship, service, simulations, readings, discussions, seminars, team activities, hands on activism, and internship. Brothers' Keepers trains male students to think creatively, act honestly, and make constructive community oriented decisions.
Advisor: Simeon Richardson
P: 305-237-5246

The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to provide chemistry students and other interested persons with a positive and social atmosphere for discussion and increased awareness of chemistry.
Advisor: Dr. James Ley
P: 305-237-5132

Our mission is to empower students in critical thinking and constructive transformation of our world by being a space for: Prayer and celebration, Theological reflection, Study and analysis of social and cultural processes.
Advisor: Dr. Joselle LaGuerre
P: 305-237-5215

The purpose of Club Kreyol is to act as a unifying body for all Haitian-American and emigrated Haitians.
Advisor: Marie Lindley
P: 305-237-5117

The purpose of critical thinking club is to achieve understanding, evaluate view points, and solve problems.
Advisor: Michael Mannino
P: 305-237-5234

The purpose of the Dream Team is make students dreams of higher education a reality, ensuring that bright qualified students have the support to continue their education.
Advisor: Kevin Moore
P: 305-237-5210

The purpose of the Dynamic Expressions is to give the Homestead Campus student an opportunity to manifest their creative and imaginative outlet.
Advisor: Simeon Richardson
P: 305-237-5246

The purpose the Early Childhood Education is to promote school readiness and improved learning outcomes of young children by providing skills of early childhood educators and caregivers who work in early childhood programs located at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus.
Advisor: Susana Vela
P: 305-237-5233

The mission of the Homestead Campus Green Team is to contribute to Miami Dade College and the surrounding community by demonstrating environmental responsibility and fostering environmental awareness.
Advisor: Dr. John Barimo
P: 305-237-5134

The purpose of the Homestead Art Society is to enhance our visual environment and to learn about the roles that art plays in our lives.
Advisor: Margaret Nania
P: 305-237-5261
Advisor: Lucas Blanco
P: 305-237-5242

The purpose of Interclub Council (ICC) is to facilitate interaction between all clubs on campus and to provide a forum for discussion and information exchange. ICC creates an environment in which students and student organizations are aided in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, governance programs, services, supplies, travel and promotion.
Advisor: DeMario Lee
P: 305-237-5065

The Journalism club offers students the opportunity to share common interests based in Journalism.
Advisor: Susan Lichtman
P: 305-237-5238

To edit and produce a literary magazine. To host professional writers on campus. To hold and promote poetry readings. To serve as a focal point for essay, poetry, fiction, and drama contests. To read and discuss a book, essay, or play every month. To sponsor literary events on Campus.
Advisor: Jose M. Blanco
P: 305-237-5130

The Flight Team is an organization of student in the Professional Piloting Program that competes in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association NIFA). This team is known throughout the country and has been honored at the regional and national level.
Advisor: Timothy Schmelzer
P: 305-237-5954

The purpose of LGBTQ is to have a safe haven for those in the LGBTQ community, and to educate the population on LGBTQ issues on hand.
Advisor: Michael Mannino
P: 305-237-5234

The purpose of the organization is to maintain high standards of education and training in the field of technology.
Advisor: John Maloney
P: 305-237-5243

The purpose of the Math Club is to assist students who want to enhance their knowledge in mathematics beyond the topics covered in regular courses.
Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Miranda
P: 305-237-5144

The purpose of MDC Fash is to support student interest in Modeling, Fashion and Acting and to shape the talent and professionalism needed to be successful in the entertainment industry.
Advisor: Surender Lindley
P: 305-237-5133

Our mission is to provide assistance to our fellow military students and get them actively involved in our organization. We will continue to serve our country by being involved in our community. We aim to make a difference and let our presence be known throughout our community by living up to the core values instilled in us: honor, courage, commitment, leadership, integrity, loyalty, duty, respect, courage, selfless service, and excellence.
Advisor: Toshiba Mitchell
P: 305-237-5302
Advisor: Gerardo Lozoya

An association of students to: Promote multi-cultural awareness, Facilitate awareness of global issues, Create awareness of upper division opportunities and facilitate transfer to university, Perform community service for local, national and international causes.
Advisor: Kevin Moore
P: 305-237-5210

Pages for All Ages is a service learning organization comprised of students engaged in multi-disciplinary literary projects.
Advisor: Jessyca Perez
P: 305-237-5231
Advsior: Yanely Cordero
P: 305-237-5127

The Performing Arts Club will enrich every student with the confidence and knowledge of the cultural arts. Members of the club will be able to gain an understanding and familiarity of different types of arts and express them in their own ways. The goal of the club is to take a creative approach to help contribute to everyday lives of each student.
Advisor: Katia Clervil
P: 305-237-5065

The purpose of the Beta Alpha Iota chapter of Phi Theta at the Homestead Campus of MDC-Homestead shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of the college.
Advisor: Dr. A.J. Kreider
P: 305-237-5088

The purpose of Ping Pong Club is to promote and teach the game of Ping Pong.
Advisor: Surender Lindley
P: 305-237-5133

The purpose of the Pre-Health Sciences Club is to promote health awareness by educating the community to maintain their well-being and encourage them to enhance their quality of life.
Advisor: Dr. Dalia Lafargue
P: 305-237-5208

The Homestead Campus Psychology Club provides student members (Psychology & Non-Psychology majors) an opportunity to explore topics related to the field of Psychology via a variety of educational and service related activities.
Advisor: Jessyca Perez
P: 305-237-5231

The student shark ambassadors work with college administrators and community leaders while serving as student representatives. This organization provides opportunities for students to participate in community events, new student orientations, campus tours and other leadership activities.
Advisor: Dr. Nicole Bryant
P: 305-237-5223

The purpose of Shark Chess Club is to promote and teach the game of chess.
Advisor: Mauricio Soto
P: 305-237-5083

The purpose of Sisters' Keepers is to foster leadership and college culture skills, develop students holistically as well as aid in the retention of women, especially those who are the first in their families to attend college.
Advisor: Xania Lawrence
P: 305-237-5257

The mission of Strong Women, Strong Girls is to utilize the lessons learned from strong women throughout history to encourage girls and young women to become strong women themselves. By building communities of women committed to supporting positive social change, Strong Women, Strong Girls works to create cycles of mutual empowerment for women and girls.
Advisor: Linda Berzofsky, JD
P: 305-237-5205

The mission of the Student Leadership Institute (SLI) at Miami Dade College is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in a variety of leadership activities that will assist students in developing the skills, knowledge and values necessary to become effective leaders through skill-building, workshops, motivational speakers, community engagement, and outreach. Through SLI, students learn today how to become the leaders of tomorrow. We focus on supporting, training, encouraging and mentoring students who are ready to take their next step towards leading. We encourage and enhance leadership qualities in our students that will not only benefit other students, but those in the community as well.
Advisor: Dr. Nicole Bryant
P: 305-237-5223
Advisor: Kevin Moore
P: 305-237-5210

The mission of the Student Programming Board shall be: To develop, coordinate, promote, and produce a variety of educational, informative and entertaining programs for the entire college community with an emphasis towards building student leadership.
Advisor: Dr. Nicole Bryant
P: 305-237-5223

The purpose of S.W.E.R is to promote awareness to the community on several topics such as immigration, equal rights, and access to education for all.
Advisor: Jose M. Blanco
P: 305-237-5130

Unity for Christ is a non-denominational group that seeks to create unity and fellowship among students.
Advisor: Nehemiah Gwaltney
P: 305-237-5225 Advisor: Dr. Marlene Groomes
P: 305-237-5008

Student Government Association (SGA)

Group of students from the Student Government Association

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the voice of the student body. Its role is to address the concerns and issues of students attending Homestead Campus.
Members represent the student body at campus and college-wide meetings. They also develop teamwork, leadership and organizational skills that are vital in today's competitive job market.

Student Publications

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    Estuaries showcases poems, essays, short stories, visual art, and photography by Homestead Campus' student body.
    Susan G. Lichtman
    P: 305-237-5238
    Advisor: Margaret Nania
    P: 305-237-5261

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    The Reporter is the student newspaper at Miami Dade College. All content is produced by MDC students. The Reporter is a public forum of expression.