Miami Dade College

Kendall Campus

Service Grant Awards

The Department of Music, Theater and Dance at MDC Kendall offer Service Grants to outstanding and dedicated performers who attend the Kendall campus. One does not have to be a music, theater or dance major to qualify for a Service Grant Award.

Eligibility for Service Grant Awards

Students must:

  • Complete a Service Grant Award Application Form each semester he/she wishes to be considered. Current student means that you have been approved that the current semester, and wish to be considered again.
    • Deadline for turning in the application form for the Fall Semester: April 15th. Prospective students auditioning will complete this form during the audition
    • Deadline for Spring semester: December 1st. Prospective students will complete this form during the audition
    • There are no service grants available for summer terms
  • Be accepted to and in good standing as a student at MDC Kendall
  • Have completed and have a current Financial Aid Form (FASFA) on file at the college
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours (Dance Majors must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 dance classes each semester)
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 overall GPA
  • Actively participate and meet the requirements of ensemble(s) assigned for each semester
  • Sign a new contract EACH semester.
  • Audition for placement in ensemble and private lessons (required for majors) if you are a new student to our program of study.
  • Pass committee approval based on faculty recommendation for continuing students

Factors Considered for Service Grant Awards

  • Individual talent and proficiency in performance
  • Need for your specialty
  • Attendance: student must be punctual for all classes, rehearsals and performances
  • Attitude, contribution and reliability
  • Agreement to perform in the ensemble(s) that show a need for your area of specialty

How Service Grants Are Paid

  • Once a student has met the requirements listed above, he/she will be notified that they have met the terms of their contract. The Dean of Students and the Financial Aid Office will be notified of the award.
  • The student will be responsible to follow up with the Financial Aid and Bursar's Office to receive his/her grant.
  • Service Grants will be paid at the end of the Fall Semester and Spring Semester. There are no Service Grants available during the summer term.
  • No Service Grant Awards will be awarded without an audition for new students and faculty recommendation for continuing students.
  • If a student breaks any part of the signed contract during that semester, his/her Service Grant Award will be considered null and void.