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Miami-Dade College, North Campus, offers an Associate in Sciences(A.S.) with a pathway to a degree in Sign Language Interpretation. 72 credits are required.  The program is designed to develop the skills necessary to interpret the communications between deaf or hard of hearing persons and hearing individuals in an accurate and effective manner.  Also developed is a practical understanding of aspects of deaf studies and Deaf culture and community.  Graduates should be able to interpret at a basic level, and to achieve a minimum of Level 1 on the Quality Assurance (QA) Screening of the Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, which is traditionally required for employment as an interpreter in the state.

In addition the program will provide a foundation, especially with an accompanying Associate in Arts degree, for those persons who wish to pursue advanced degrees in preparation for careers in special education, vocational rehabilitation or other human service fields.

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Degree Requirements

Courses required for the A.S. degree are divided into three areas (Total 72 Credits):

Subject Major Courses - 50 Credits | Top

Students must complete the following courses in Sign Language, aspects of Deaf studies and interpreting: 

INT 1000

Interpreting Ethics and Professionalism

3 Credits

INT 1240

Voice to Sign Interpreting

3 Credits

INT 1202

Sign to Voice Interpreting

3 Credits

INT 1400

Educational Interpreting

3 Credits

INT 1480

Interpreting: Special Settings & Populations

3 Credits

INT 1941

Interpreting Internship / Practicum

5 Credits

ASL 1150C

American Sign Language 2

4 Credits

ASL 1000

Survey of Deaf Studies

3 Credits

ASL 2400

Linguistics of American Sign Language

3 Credits

ASL 2220

ASL Receptive Skills Development

3 Credits

ASL 2160C

American Sign Language 3

4 Credits

ASL 2200C

American Sign Language 4

4 Credits

ASL 2210

Conversational Skills

3 Credits

ASL 2430

Fingerspelling Skills Development

3 Credits

ASL 2510

Deaf Culture and Community

3 Credits


Elective Courses - 7 Credits* | Top

Elective credits are to be earned from the following list of courses 
*at least one course must be unrelated to the major

DEP 2000

Human Growth and Development

3 Credits

EDF 1005

Introduction to Education

3 Credits

EEX 2000

Introduction to Special Education

3 Credits

HUS 1001

Introduction to Human Services

3 Credits

LIN 2670

Modern English Grammar

3 Credits

PCO 2731

Human Relations

3 Credits

PSY 2012

Introduction to Psychology

3 Credits

SOP 2002 Social Psychology 3 Credits

ASL 1906

Directed Independent Studies

1-2 Credits

ASL 1140C

American Sign Language 1

4 Credits

SPA 2001

Introduction to Communication Disorders

3 Credits

SPC 2050 Voice and Diction 3 Credits

TPP 1100

Acting 1

3 Credits


General Education Courses - 15 Credits | Top

These courses are required for all Associates of Science degrees.  

ENC 1101 English Composition 3 Credits

SPC 1017

Fundamentals of Speech Communication

3 Credits

PHI 2604

Critical Thinking and Ethics

3 Credits

CLP 1006

Psychology of Personal Effectiveness

3 Credits

(See Below)

Math / Science

3 Credits

3 credits (excluding labs) may be earned from any of the following courses:

 Math:        MAC, MAD, MAP, MAS, MGF, QMB, STA

Science:    AST, BOT, BSC CHM, GLY, HUN 1201, MCB, MET, OCE, PCB 2033, PSC, PHY, ZOO

Computer Competency | Top

By the 16th earned college level credit (excluding ESL, ENS and college preparatory courses), a student must take the computer competency test and pass or  

By the 31st earned college level credit (excluding ESL, ENS and college preparatory courses), a student must pass CGS 1060, an equivalent continuing education or vocational credit course or retest with a passing score on the computer competency test.

The Program | Top 

The Interpretation Program begins with American Sign Language 2.  Therefore students must previously have acquired some basic skill and knowledge.  This is often obtained through high school courses, non-credit classes in the community or informal contact with deaf persons.  Students NOT having this foundation should begin with American Sign Language 1.

Students wishing to enroll in ASL 3 or a higher course will need to take and pass an evaluation to determine the best placement.  This is required of ALL students, both those already attending Miami-Dade or new students entering for the first time.

Students who have previously earned an Associate’s degree or higher will be exempt from having to complete the General Education Requirements.  Past transcripts will be reviewed to determine whether courses previously taken are equivalent to elective courses.

Both day and evening courses are available to accommodate student with various work schedules


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