Miami Dade College

Hialeah Campus

Professor Yane Nemeroff and Allisson Thomas Johnson identified the need to engage the older student population in innovative ways to make them feel less isolated from their peers and campus life. Incorporating the concepts of MDC Empowered of teamwork, leadership, and empathy outside the classrooms,

Professors Nemeroff and Thomas Johnson offer students the opportunity to participate in open discussion seminars where non-traditional students share their stories, identify with other students’ experiences, and form connections with their peers. Rather than feeling that college has passed them by, the shared stories of similar students will redefine their isolation, to inspiration. Thus, creating a deeper sense of inclusion for those in that context, and a greater sense of empathy on campus as well. They established the annual Re-route, Return and Redemption event (now going on its third year). For more information about these discussion seminars, please contact or