Miami Dade College

Medical Campus

Introduction to Healthcare (HSC 0003) Waiver Process

HSC Verification Process

Step 1: Submit a copy of credentials (i.e. License, Transcripts, Certification & CPR Card) for processing to the School of Health Sciences. The HSC Exemption Application Form and copies of credentials are to be submitted via email to

Note: We only accept American Heart Association CPR cards. Copies of both front and back of CPR card are required.

Step 2: A School of Health Sciences Student Services Assistant will verify credentials and submit packet to the Chairperson and the Dean of the School of Health Sciences for review and electronic signature. This process may take 14 - 21 days to complete.

Step 3: Once verification and signatures are completed, the Student Services Assistant will email the student a copy of the approved HSC Exemption Application Form and the Equivalent College Credit Form, which is completed by Medical Campus staff members.

Step 4: The student is to email the completed Equivalent College Credit Form and the $15 fee payment to The subject line must include student name and the title of the HSC Exemption Application Form (i.e. John Doe - HSC Exemption Application) . The student needs to call the Bursar's Office at 305-237-4022 to make the $15 payment after the aforementioned email has been sent to The Bursar's office will not receive any payment for this application without the emailed form. Once payment is completed the receipt is sent to the student's email. Student will then email copy of paid receipt to

Step 5: The Registrar's Office will review official credentials and/or transcripts to make the final decision regarding approval or denial of the exemption request. If information is missing, the Registrar's Office may contact the student. Please allow Registrar's Office 14-21 days to finalize the exemption process.


Step 6: After 14-21 days, the student can review his/her transcripts through the Student Portal using their mymdc account to confirm that the exemption has been successfully processed. After the exemption is posted, entry on the transcript will display as HSC0995 -  Introduction to Healthcare. In the event the exemption has not been processed, students can contact the Registrar's Office after 21 days to confirm status.