Miami Dade College

Hialeah Campus

A Small Campus with Big Ideas

  • Students in classroom

    At Hialeah Campus, our faculty is part of a tight-knit, intimate learning community that enables educators to understand the unique challenges students face and to help students overcome those challenges. They tackle busy schedules with innovation, bridge language barriers with humor, and inspire students to imagine.

    The result of their efforts is real: From award-winning student publications to dramatic increases in exam scores, the care our faculty puts into their craft creates success.

Learn more about our faculty’s success stories:

  • Professor Uses the Web to Make Lab Hours Easier for Busy Students

    Between work and school, assistant professor María Alina García knows that students have busy lives. So, when she saw weary students were struggling to make their lab hours, she found a way to get them engaged. She took the one-credit, college prep reading labs to the internet.

    The results were immediate: "They were thrilled about it," García said. "The labs can be done anywhere at any time. Instead of having to stick to a classroom schedule, they have all the flexibility that they need."

  • Professor's Most Important Lesson: Language Skills Are More Than Words

    For many students, learning a new language can be a daunting prospect. Thankfully, assistant professor Angelo Bribiesca knows his students as well as he knows his languages. "I try to give a variety of activities to keep students interested and active, while also making the classes fun and humorous," he says. "This brings the tension and fear down to the point where students feel comfortable."

    Using computer technology and foreign language broadcasts, he shows students the relevance of language in real-life applications. But, Professor Bribiesca points out, the benefits of learning a foreign language go beyond the obvious practical applications, even resulting in higher standardized test scores. "A foreign language not only develops language skills but also critical and creative thinking."

  • Professor Brings Together Students to Inspire Award-Winning Creation

    Professor and adviser Victor Calderin really knows how to bring people together. "He has many students that come to see him in his office and he will spend hours just talking to a student, just talking, talking about everything," associate professor Ivonne Lamazares told The Reporter’s Julie McConnell.

    But one of his collaborations in particular is earning high praise. Together with Lamazares, Calderin helped evolve a series of open-mic events into Café Cultura, an award-winning student creative arts magazine.

    The much-loved professor, meanwhile, has high praise for Hialeah Campus: "It's really great teaching at this campus because it's like teaching at home."