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MDC’s School of Engineering + Technology (EnTec) was selected as one of the recipients of a major grant from Mozilla, awarded nationwide to 17 institutions of higher learning. The Responsible Computer Science (RCS) Challenge is an ambitious initiative that aims to integrate ethics and social responsibility into undergraduate computer science curricula and pedagogy at U.S. colleges and universities.

The grant award provided MDC with the means to leverage its existing resources to support and encourage curricula that integrate ethics into the field of computer technology. The RCS Challenge offers a rich platform for collaboration and learning among students, faculty, and community-based organizations.

Overall, the project primes the pipeline of responsible, diverse CS professionals who possess a deep understanding of ethics and values related to the software they create and maintain. Specific deliverables include:

  • Curricular content related to responsible computing, including syllabi, case studies, assignments, and projects, integrated in CS courses, openly shared with other higher education institutions, particularly large urban community colleges
  • Model for strengthening the local nonprofit/advocacy ecosystem capacity to educate the community about the threats and opportunities associated with CS in their daily lives
  • Model for faculty professional development in social responsibility, including online, local, and remote workshops and seminars


  • Embedding ethics in CS classes through role play. For more information
  • Connecting students with Social Impact Projects from local non-profits like Miami EdTech and Code for South Florida

Leadership Team

  • Prof. George Gabb (P.I), Computer Science Professor


Support for this project was provided by the Mozilla Responsible Computer Science Challenge, funded by the Mozilla Foundation, the Omidyar Network, Schmidt Futures, and Craig Newmark Philanthropies.