Ambush: A surprise or sudden violent attack.

Counter Ambush Response (C.A.R.): Immediate recognition, reaction and response against an ambush. This course was developed for uniform and plainclothes officers as a proactive measure against the increase in frequency and lethality of ambushes against law enforcement officers. The training will prepare officers to employ advanced rapid threat identification techniques and advanced unconventional pistol and rifle combat tactics. Officers will be instructed on the dynamics and evolution of an ambush, engagement from every sitting position in vehicle, rapid tactical exit from a vehicle and team concepts in counter ambush response. At the completion of the 8-hour course, officers will have the enhanced mindset and tactical training to identify the dynamics leading to an ambush, repel the ambush, and WIN the fight!

This training can be applied to Mandatory Training.

Instructor(s): Garret Macrine and Julio Pinera

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