Your Vote is Your Voice

Your vote is your voice

Many say that college students don't vote and don't care about the issues on the ballot.

At Miami Dade College, we know that is not true.

  • 89% Eligible MDC students registered to vote in 2016
  • 72% Registered MDC students voted in 2016

When We All Vote, We're All Represented

The United States Constitution set up a system that relies on checks and balances, both at the federal and state level.
Our three branches of federal government each have different levels of representation that hold each other accountable to represent the interests of all the American people.

Federal Government

  • Legislative | Makes Laws
    • Congress >Senate > House of Representatives
  • Executive | Carries Out the Laws
    • President > Vice President > Cabinet
  • Judicial | Interprets Laws
    • Supreme Courts > Other Federal Courts

Our System of Democracy Relies on All of Our Voices and All of Our Votes

The U.S. Constitution reserved some power for state governments, that is why each state has its own version of the Constitution and Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches.

Florida State Government

  • Legislative | Makes Laws
    • The Florida House has 120 representatives, all elected to two-year terms. The Florida Senate has 40 senators, all elected to four-year terms.
  • Executive | Carries Out the Laws
    • The office of Governor DeSantis is elected through public elections every four years (the next Gubernatorial election is in 2022).
  • Judicial | Interprets Laws
    • The Florida Supreme Court and all the courts below it. Supreme Court judges are appointed by a judicial committee, while trial court judges (judges at the local level) are elected through nonpartisan, public elections every six years.

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Why Do MDC Students Vote?

"I never envisioned having the right to vote. This country has given me that privilege, and I'm going to make sure I vote for the millions around the world who don't get to exercise that fundamental right."

"Voting is how we make history. Being a participant in creating history gives each of us a sense of pride in democracy and the power to shape our future. Use your vote to make history."

Why do you think it is important for students to vote?

Upcoming Elections

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Miami-Dade County Elections

Find out how you can make a difference by viewing the Miami-Dade County Upcoming Election Calendar.

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Who Represents Me?

Who represents Me?

Below, you'll find information on the structure and current elected leadership for the multiple layers of our government: the local/municipal, state, and federal levels. To learn more about each office, their roles and responsibilities, and the current position holder representing you, please follow the link to their website.