Miami Dade College

Wolfson Campus

Shot of building at the Wolfson Campus

A College Experience in a Magic City

The Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade plays an integral part in the development and prosperity of Miami. As the only comprehensive urban campus in the City of Miami, it provides a fully accredited, high-quality education to over 27,000 students each year.

Easily accessible by public transportation, the Wolfson Campus extends students a unique opportunity to enjoy the many cultural centers and exciting attractions that make Miami the "Magic City."

Location Meets Innovation

The Wolfson Campus utilizes innovative approaches to teaching throughout its curriculum. It capitalizes on being at the center of downtown Miami's financial, government, and cultural hubs by offering programs in banking, business, technology, paralegal studies, architecture, economics, hospitality management, engineering, the arts and humanities, and the social sciences.

Unique Programs

The Campus is also home to Miami Book Fair, The Miami Film Festival, the Earth Ethics Institute, the School for Advanced Studies, The Honors College, New World School of the Arts, Miami Tech, The Institute for Civic Engagement & Democracy, and the Freedom Tower. Our unique programs include the Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC), the Miami Fashion Institute, the Miami Culinary Institute, and the Law Center. A rich array of student life activities and social and cultural events complement the educational experience at the Wolfson Campus.