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Clubs and Organizations

Each campus has a culture that is as diverse its student body. Each offers an opportunity for teamwork and leadership. Can't find a club that suits your interests? You can start a new organization from scratch.

The American Chemical Society mission is to offer an opportunity for students to become better acquainted with chemistry, to promote the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material, and to develop an awareness of the social responsibilities and challenges of science majors.
Advisor: Alan Rodriguez
P: 305-237-5143

The purpose of estuaries is to edit and produce a literary magazine, host professional writers on campus, to hold and promote poetry readings, sponsor literary events on campus, and serve as a focal point for essay, poetry, fiction, and drama contests. Students also partake in a monthly reading, together discussing a book, essay, or play.
Advisor: Shannon Kennedy
P: 305-237-5037

The objective of the OADN Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society is to recognize the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing. The society shall encourage the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility. Additionally, the society shall participate in the recruitment of qualified individuals into the profession of nursing.
Advisor: Gail Williams
P: 305-237-4283

AMSA is the first Miami-Dade College Aviation Management Student Association. AMSA was founded to serve as a contact between MDC students and the aviation industry. The Aviation Management Student Association hosts monthly meetings in which aviation leaders and executives serve as guest speakers. This close association establishes opportunities for all AMSA members to personally meet professionals in the aviation industry, and learn real-life experiences from successful aviators. It also enhances the quality of education.
Advisor: Stewart Pulley
P: 305-237-5950

The “BMI” Black Male Initiative Project at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus offers students a personalized educational experience in which they receive varied kinds of support-academic, financial, and emotional-for success as undergraduate students.
Advisor: Dr. Simeon Richardson
P: 305-237-5246

The Chess Club provides players with a strategy game in which strategic thinking can lead to either victory or defeat and empowers the player to make decisive moves across the board.
Advisor: Yusnier Viera
P: 305-237-5133

The Chinese Culture Club is established to share our members with the rich and colorful Chinese Culture, vividly experience and field practice Chinese Culture, including traditional festivals, customs, Chinese arts, symbols, tourism highlights, Chinese life, folk arts and sports, etc.
Advisor: Caixia Song
P: 786-853-8822

The purpose of the Chapter is to build movements of people who are transformed by Jesus Christ. The student-led movement seeks to introduce students to Jesus Christ, help them to grow in their faith, encourage them to live life passionately under the lordship of Christ, and inspire commitment to advancing the purposes of God in the world.
Advisor: Jasmine Johnson
P: 305-237-5076

The Flight Team is an organization of student in the Professional Piloting Program that competes in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association NIFA). This team is known throughout the country and has been honored at the regional and national level.
Advisor: Timothy Schmelzer
P: 305-237-5954

IEEE fosters technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. We inspire students through educational and professional development in all branches of engineering.
Advisor: Ying Song
P: 305-237-5072

The purpose of Interclub Council (ICC) is to facilitate interaction between all clubs on campus and to provide a forum for discussion and information exchange. ICC creates an environment in which students and student organizations are aided in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, governance programs, services, supplies, travel and promotion.
Advisor: Macrina Perez
P: 305-237-5065

The Journalism club offers students the opportunity to share common interests based in Journalism.
Advisor: Susan Lichtman
P: 305-237-5238

Advisor: James Ochoa
P: 305-237-5197

The purpose of the organization is to maintain high standards of education and training in the field of technology.
Advisor: John Maloney
P: 305-237-5243

The purpose of the Mu Alpha Theta is to assist students who want to enhance their knowledge in mathematics beyond the topics covered in regular courses.
Advisor: Thomas Ferrell
P: 305-237-5218

Our objective for Musical Minds is to give those with a passion for music an opportunity to learn, listen to, and explore music. Many do not realize that music can be explored by everyone. Our hands, our feet, and our mouths are instruments. We can create beats with our hands and feet and we can create melodies and harmonies with our mouths. Music can be explored by all. Music brings people together and we're hoping we can bring many together with Musical Minds.
Advisor: Ryan Adams-Barton
P: 305-237-5209

NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for those with mental illness. This chapter will focus on developing resources and programming for MDC students around mental health issues.
Advisors: Jessyca Perez
P: 305-237-5231

Pages for All Ages is a service learning organization comprised of students engaged in multi-disciplinary literary projects.
Advisors: Jairo Ledesma
P: 305-237-5005

Our mission is to educate students on how to become business professionals. We assist with resume building, job interviewing and, much more.
Advisor: Jeanelly Mairena
P: 305-237-5143

The purpose of the Beta Alpha Iota chapter of Phi Theta at the Homestead Campus of MDC-Homestead shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of the college.
Advisor: Susan Lichtman
P: 305-237-5238

Organization dedicated to exploring physics and astronomy.
Advisor: Dr. Eduardo Araujo-Pradere
P: 305-237-5143

PMC is responsible for the development and implementation of programs designed to promote health awareness and education around campus. PMC creates a network of support, collaboration, and unity for MDC Homestead students interested in medicine.
Advisor: Dr. Dalia Lafargue
P: 305-237-5143

The Homestead Campus Psychology Club provides student members (Psychology & Non-Psychology majors) an opportunity to explore topics related to the field of Psychology via a variety of educational and service related activities.
Advisor: Shannon Kennedy
P: 305-237-5037

The purpose of this club will be to promote the interests of current School for Advanced Studies students. Furthermore, the SAS Club intends to promote participation in MDC activities and cooperation between SAS and MDC students.
Advisor: Thomas Ferrell
P: 305-237-5218

The purpose of the Science Club is to provide students with a positive and social atmosphere for discussion and increased awareness of science and current events in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and more.
Advisor: Dr. James Ley
P: 305-237-5132

The Student Government Association is the voice of the student body. Its role is to address the concerns and issues of students attending Homestead Campus.
Members represent the student body at campus and college-wide meetings. They also develop teamwork, leadership and organizational skills that are vital in today's competitive job market.
Advisor: Dr. Nicole Bryant
P:(305) 237-5223

Tabletop and Video Games for Recreational Necessities Club (TAVRN) offers a place for people with similar interests in gaming, both at the table and in front of the screen, to form a community that promotes social interaction, creativity, and development of critical thinking skills between its members. Gaming in general has a multitude of positive effects that are formed through cooperation and healthy competition that is a direct by-product of a community of like-minded individuals that engage in friendly gaming sessions.
Advisor: Jorge Salinas
P: 305-237-5165

The primary purpose of our club is to teach members of TAPA to improve their performance in front of an audience, whether their goal is to act or to prepare for public speaking, TAPA will give the opportunity to work on the said goal.

Advisors: Ryan Adams-Barton
P: 305-237-5209

Young Money Club (YMC) mission is to raise awareness in the MDC student body that young people will become financially stable as they grow into successful professionals in their chosen career field.
Advisors: Aida Varela
P: 305-237-5135

Student Government Association (SGA)

  • Group of students from the Student Government Association

    Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association is the voice of the student body. Its role is to address the concerns and issues of students attending Homestead Campus.
    Members represent the student body at campus and college-wide meetings. They also develop teamwork, leadership and organizational skills that are vital in today's competitive job market.

Student Publications

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    Estuaries showcases poems, essays, short stories, visual art, and photography by Homestead Campus' student body.
    Advisor: Margaret Nania
    P: 305-237-5261

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    The Reporter Student Newspaper

    The Reporter is the student newspaper at Miami Dade College. All content is produced by MDC students. The Reporter is a public forum of expression.